Essential Skills to Master with Cisco 300-415 Exam and What It Means to Your Career

Cisco 300-415

Prospering in a new position or role requires the building of solid skills. Ensuring you’re well-equipped with the essential expertise for the work environment should be your priority. Cisco, through its tests and accreditations, offers professionals with the opportunities to develop skills that will be helpful in pursuing a successful career. This article highlights the various essential skills that you need to master before taking the Cisco 300-415 exam to pass it. Keep reading to learn about them.

Essential Details of the Cisco 300-415 Test

Candidates wishing to ace the 300-415 assessment should plan to devote 1.5 hours to complete all its questions. The exam is focused on applying Cisco SD-WAN Solutions, and falls into 6 topics in which you should be proficient. Be ready to pay $300 plus tax as an exam fee.

Additionally, consider the fact that after passing the 300-415 exam, you will obtain the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise SD-WAN Implementation certification and if you take one more exam (350-401), you will earn the CCIE Enterprise Practice Test designation. With the accreditation, you’re entitled to job positions like system administrator, network administrator, and system integrator, among others.

Essential Skills to Master with the Cisco 300-415 Exam

The computer networking space is one area with numerous opportunities for those interested in a successful career. That’s why it’s vital to acquire the right capabilities. Here are the skills to master with the 300-415 exam that will ensure success in your desired career:

  • Abilities in SD-WAN architecture

The CCNA Practice Test assists you to develop capacity in SD-WAN infrastructure and components. It also permits you to learn about Edge platforms as well as capabilities and Cloud OnRamp which are associated with the SD-WAN platform.

  • Controller deployment skills

Under controller deployment, the applicants for the 300-415 exam will master a number of essential knowledge areas and skills. They include deploying controller cloud, deploying controller in an on-premise situation, and configuring certificates as well as device lists. Troubleshooting connectivity for control plan between controllers is another skill to master.

  • Router deployment skills

Router deployment skills are critical for any job role associated with certification linked to the Devnet Associate Practice Test. You’ll get facts and skills about deploying WAN Edge, configuring the data plane linked to Cisco’s SD-WAN, configuring OMP, and more.

  • Policies

In terms of policies, the 300-415 test covers configuring control policies, data policies, and end-to-end segmentation. It also covers direct access to internet, among others.

  • Security & Quality of Service

Securing networks is a critical skill that every professional in the IT sphere must have. The 300-415 evaluation ensures you’re well aware of the security features of SD-WAN such as PDF, enterprise firewall, and URL filtering. Other areas to master include integrating cloud security and configuring QoS treatment on the routers for WAN Edge.

  • Management & operations

Those who apply for the Cisco 300-415 test will acquire abilities in how to manage and operate the SD-WAN solution. Under this, the core areas include how to authenticate, monitor, and report from vManage. Others are REST API monitoring and managing software image from vManage.


Cisco SD-WAN is essential to businesses as it helps to increase network performance and reduce overhead costs. Mastering the skills linked to the solution will ensure you land a good job position and succeed in your profession. That’s why you need to register and prepare to pass the Devnet Professional Practice Test exam today!

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