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Essential Questions to Ask Your Roofer

Essential Questions to Ask Your Roofer

Discover the game changing questions that you must ask your roofer to ensure the perfect roof for your dream home. As per RSB Construction LLC, you should keep the following points in your mind before hiring a roofer.

Do You Hold Certification As A FORTIFIED Roofing Contractor?

Protect your roof from extreme weather with the help of a certified FORTIFIED roofing contractor. These experts have been specially trained to defend against severe weather, and have a thorough understanding of the program’s rigorous verification process. To ensure your peace of mind, choose a contractor from the trusted FORTIFIED directory.

Discover the vital importance of hiring a licensed contractor. Local codes are no match for out-of-town contractors, making a licensed contractor the clear choice. Plus, with legal recourse provided by the licensure board, any work issues are easily resolved. Don’t forget, a contractor’s workman’s compensation insurance not only safeguards their employees but also ensures your protection.

Protect yourself from potential liabilities and property damage by ensuring your roofing contractor has proper insurance coverage. Don’t risk being held accountable for medical expenses if someone gets hurt on your property. Plus, rest easy knowing that contractors’ liability insurance will also safeguard your home against any damage that may occur during the roof installation process.

Are You Going To Remove The Old Roof?

Save money and ensure the security of your roof with the FORTIFIED standard. Avoid the risky practice of installing new shingles over old ones this could compromise the attachment and safety of your roof. Don’t settle for multiple layers of shingles when you can have a sturdy, single layer solution.

Get extra protection for your roof deck by re nailing it with ring shank nails and sealing the seams. If these steps haven’t been taken, the original roof will need to be removed.

Can You Replace The Flashing And Drip Metal That Are Old?

Protect your roof with drip edge and flashing. These essential metal strips prevent water from seeping under your shingles, ensuring your roof stays dry and damage free. Don’t let leaks ruin your home near the roof’s edges and protrusions trust in drip edge and flashing to keep water at bay.

Upgrade your roof with the FORTIFIED standard to protect your home from water damage. We make sure to replace any used drip edge and flashing, ensuring your home stays safe and secure.

What Kind Of Warranty And Guarantee Do You Provide?

Get peace of mind with a warranty on your roof! Today’s market offers a wide range of roofing materials like shingles, tiles, and metal, and they all come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Shingle roofs typically have a warranty of at least 25 years, while metal and tile roofs can offer even longer protection.

Some warranties may even last a lifetime. Invest in a durable roof with a warranty that stands the test of time. Ensure peace of mind by asking your contractor about their workmanship guarantee. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, confirm the length of time they stand by their craftsmanship. A guarantee lasting one to three years is commonly provided.

Will There Be An Inspection For The Roof Installation?

Ensure Your Roof is up to Code with FORTIFIED Program: Don’t rely on luck when it comes to your roof’s quality. Unlike other areas of construction, roof installations often go uninspected. However, the FORTIFIED program is here to change that. With a third party evaluator, you can have peace of mind knowing your materials meet the FORTIFIED standard and key roofing upgrades are completed.

Get the best roofing contractors who work closely with experienced evaluators. You have the option to choose their preferred evaluator or bring in your own. Find reliable evaluators in your area by checking out the FORTIFIED directory.

Can You Provide A Written Estimate With Detailed Information?

Don’t get caught by surprises. Get a detailed written estimate to avoid misunderstandings. If you can’t have it itemized, make sure to ask for separate costs. This includes the cost of removing and hauling off the old roof, as well as the cost of new materials and installation. Ensure that the estimate specifies the replacement of flashing and drip edge.

Upgrade your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Get a clear and concise quote for replacing rotting or deteriorating decking. Our prices are per sheet, ensuring transparency. Plus, we offer additional services like hand carrying materials and protecting your landscaping or pool no hidden fees here. Don’t let steep or high roofs discourage you, we’ve got you covered with a surcharge option.

What Measures Will You Take To Ensure The Security Of House And Property?

When tackling a home improvement project, the last thing you want is to inadvertently cause damage elsewhere. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a roofing contractor who prioritizes protecting your home’s important features.

Don’t risk damaging your gutters, landscaping, pools or spas, or even your driveway during the construction process. Make sure your roofing contractor has a meticulous plan in place to safeguard these areas, preserving the value and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Invest in quality craftsmanship and peace of mind. Choose a roofing contractor who goes above and beyond to protect your entire property while delivering exceptional results.

Could You Please Share Three Recent References From Local Sources?

Discovering a reliable contractor is made easy by their eagerness to showcase their work and offer references. Request references for projects completed within the past three to six months, preferably in your vicinity. During your conversation with previous customers, inquire about their satisfaction, punctuality, adherence to estimated costs, cleanliness of the premises, and attainment of a FORTIFIED designation.

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