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Essential Questions to Ask During the Job Interview Process by Fred Auzenne

Fred Auzenne

What is a job interview?

A Job Interview is a meeting between an employer and a candidate who has been selected for the position explains Fred Auzenne. It’s where the employer will gauge your ability to do the job.

What should be done before the interview process?

Research about the company and their history. Know what they stand for, how long they’ve been around, what you think of them etc. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and why you’re interested in working with them. Know what you bring to table as well as what differentiates yourself from other candidates. This is an opportunity for you to show off your personality (if it’s appropriate). Don’t forget to follow up after!

Reasons Why It’s Important To Ask Questions atthe Job Interview Process

During a job interview there are many things that need consideration by both parties involved, but one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten is asking questions! It will show the interviewer that you’re passionate and attentive. You’ll come across as a better candidate by having questions ready, then someone who doesn’t want to be there and just goes through the motions of an interview without giving it much thought says Fred Auzenne.

What Questions Should I Ask?

It’s important to ask the employer some insightful questions relating to their business and role in which you are applying for.

Here are examples of 5 questions that should definitely be asked at every job interview:

1.) What do successful employees in this role accomplish within the first 6 months/year/3 years? How does one stand out compared to others who “do well” in this role?

This question shows your interest in growing further with the company and what they expect from their employees. It also helps you understand the things that matter most to this position so you can stand out as a candidate.

2.) Where do you see your business/department/team in 5 years?

Try to show how much knowledge and insight you have into this company and where it could be headed in future. You may even want to ask what the interviewer would like to see happen within those five years, and then agree with their ideas. This interviewing tactic will make it look like you’re on the same page as them which is always good for forming a connection!

3.) What are some of the biggest challenges I’ll face if selected for this role?

Question shows that not only do you understand the role and what you’d be doing but it also displays your level of self-awareness. Are you someone who keeps calm under pressure and solves problems effectively? Or will you get flustered when something bad happens, or lose confidence quickly?

4.) What is a common career path in this department/division/for someone with my background?

This question shows how much research you’ve put into this company and aims to gain further insight on how the business works. It’s important for employees to know their options while working for one particular company so they can see where their future lies while also growing professionally says Fred Auzenne.

5.) What do you like most about working here?

This question gives the interviewer a chance to talk positively about their company. It’s always good for employees to know what their peers love about the place they work at; getting any insight that will make you want to join them even more!

These are some of the most important questions to ask during a job interview process. Remember to also have your own personal questions ready so you can shine as bright as possible!


Do I need to have questions ready for every job interview?

It’s important to have a list of questions that you’d like to ask in mind no matter how many interviews you go on. You don’t want to forget any good questions, so always write them down and look back at them when preparing for an interview.

Is it okay if I don’t have any questions?

It’s not a must-have but it definitely helps if you do have some prepared. It shows the interviewer that you’ve put time into researching the company. And getting yourself well acquainted with what they do, who they are etc. If you feel like there is nothing else left. To learn about the position or company then this would be your best bet!


The interviewer is there to find the best candidate, but you’re there. To find out if this company is where you want your career to take off. What are some questions that have helped or hindered your job search?


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