Essentia – The Ultimate Framework for Decentralized Data Management.

Essentia is a platform that is promising to power the future of decentralized data management. The framework gives users and corporations the ability to have full control of their databases on blockchains. According to the Essentia’s website, the framework develops entirely fledged decentralized as well as interoperable containers to sustain whole digital lives at the same time promoting the integration of data and assets. It is necessarily a decentralized modular platform which can empower the user to have complete ownership and control over personal data such as wallets, assets, dApps and navigate the decentralized web on a device from anywhere around the world quite easily.

The digital platform is giving users the right to control their data, their online identity, as well as the communications online. The users will choose how to share their data with the websites and third-party organizations, for instance, they can hide various parts of their identities, or maybe allow some sites complete access to their persona. It’s essential to note that within the persona, data encompassing information, for example, IP addresses, username, region alongside other forms of data are traditionally read and interpreted by servers and website the user visits.

In the case of Essentia, the main user has been given the title “Seed.” The Seed is the only party who has the entire access to personal data. It is evident that in some situations Seeds will have to give out additional personal data to sites due to authentication reasons. The application of Essentia by users will ensure that control remains with them, to share what they feel is enough.

Aspects of Essentia

Privacy Aspect: The primary user “Seed” is the only one with the control over personal data.

Customizable Aspect: Essentia framework is incredibly simple to customize to the requirements of the user.

One Environment Aspect: The platform has brought related data service into one central hub that is accessible using various devices from anywhere in the world while ensuring utmost security of data through blockchain decentralization.

Essentia ICO and ESS Token details

The tokens of Essentia are referred to as ESS tokens. They are developed on the Ethereum ERC20 token standard following a distinct module referred to as ESS-Fuel module. These particular tokens are primarily used to manage incentives as well as management of reputation, distributed governance and for third-party payments. The token ensures the framework is accessible to humans and IoT machines and devices. It is incredibly scalable, trustworthy and flexible. In addition to that, it allows for other tokens to be built on its blockchain, for example, Ethereum and Litecoin tokens among others.

The team behind Essentia is very diverse and is committed to building the open-source mechanism for machine and human interaction in a more decentralized permission less world. The team members have vast experience working on successful projects in their respective fields as shown on the official website. Essentia has a community manager who ensure that the potential investors are provided with information in a timely and efficient manner.

Finally, the token sale information for the ICO is not yet released; however, the white paper says that after the ICO there will be no more tokens to be released. The white paper is not an easy one to understand may be a bit tough for the layman.

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