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Essay Writing Services: A Complete Guide for Choosing

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While the transition from high school to college can be a bit of a shock for most students, they come into their own fairly quickly once they start to reap all the benefits of being a college student. Being on campus, rubbing shoulders with their peers, and let’s not forget, partying, are all integral parts of being in college. However, one step where most students stumble in college, especially in their freshman year, is essay writing. Essays are notoriously difficult to put together, because they require not only extensive research, but also a very high level of writing, and most college students are not prepared for that. 

That is why they often postpone writing their essays until the deadline is right around the corner and there is not enough time left to write one. In such situations, they turn to essay writing services, but because they are in a rush, they often choose the wrong ones which take their money and offer subpar work. That is why we have decided to put together a complete guide for choosing the best essay writing services. Keep on reading to find out more.

1) Check Out User Reviews

When looking for essay or dissertation writing help, before deciding on a particular writing service, you need to take a look at user reviews. First of all, make sure that the actual reviews are genuine. Some writing services not only remove all the negative user reviews from their website and social media accounts, but they also write fake ones. While you definitely shouldn’t choose those which have a lot of bad reviews, try and avoid those which seem too good to be true, because they probably are. And if the reviews page is nowhere to be found on the website, that’s yet another red flag that tells you all about the service.

 2) Find Out More About Their Writers

In order to be able to write effective and well-put-together essays, writers need to have at least a master’s degree in the field that is relevant to the topic of your essay, just like BTEC assignment help writers do,  as well as enough experience, so they are able to deliver a quality essay before the deadline. As in the case of user reviews, the service should have a dedicated page where they feature all of their writers, along with their qualifications, experience, and user reviews. Ideally, you should be able to choose a writer that is going to write your essay. If an essay writing service doesn’t share any information about its writers, then you might want to look elsewhere for help.

 3) Look for a Reasonable Price Point

Although essay writing services are affordable for the most part, there will always be some which will be out of your price range, so that narrows down your choice a bit. However, if a writing service is offering essays at a ridiculously low price, then you should definitely find that suspicious. Because writing a high-quality essay requires extensive research and a high level of writing, and because essays are usually written by expert writers, it’s not very likely that they would do so for picket change. A really low essay price might mean that the writers are not very skilled or educated, or that their English level is not on par with the requirements of the order. The solution to this problem would be to ask for a sample essay, so you can gauge the quality of the writing. If they refuse to give one, then that says it all.

 4) Look at Their Website

You can conclude a lot by simply checking the website of an essay writing service you want to hire to write an essay for you. If it looks dated, or if some of the elements don’t load properly, that is cause for concern. The same goes for the mobile version of the website. If a service does not bother with the most basic presentation, then they most likely won’t put in the effort required to write a quality essay. We’ve already mentioned that it should feature pages that showcase user reviews, as well as their writer.

 5) Confidentiality Is a Must

Even though there is nothing illegal about essay writing services, you could get in trouble if your teachers find out that you’ve relied on them to complete your essay or any other academic paper. That is why you should always choose a writing service that is able to keep all of your data confidential forever. This includes not giving out your personal information to third parties, as well as not giving out your credit card information to absolutely anyone.


And there you have it, 5 simple tips which will help you choose the right essay writing service for you. Let us know if you have found this helpful. Good luck!

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