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eSIM:5 Compelling Features that Will Make You Throw Your Old SIM in the Garbage

Recently, many smartphone brands are switching from physical SIM cards to E SIM cards, following the switch after iPhone shifted to eSIMs from their iPhone 14 model. When switching from a phone that supports a physical SIM card to a new phone that only supports eSIMs, you may be confused about how it works and whether this switch is good for you. This guide will help you figure out how eSIMs are better than physical SIM cards.

  1. Compact Design:

The physical SIM takes up some space in your phone. The slot where the SIM card is inserted takes up space, even though SIM cards have become really small over the years. This extra space is no longer required when using eSIMs because it seems to just take a fraction of the room compared to the smallest SIM card available. So now, that extra space that was used for the SIM card slot can be utilized for something else, such as expanding the battery size to increase the life of the battery. Manufacturers also take advantage of eliminating physical SIM card slots by making the device smaller and handier to use.

  1. Easier to Switch Carriers:

To date, many of us carry around a pin if we want to switch SIM cards on our smartphones. eSIM is a digital SIM that is embedded in smartphones by manufacturers. The best part of owning a smartphone that is eSIM compatible is that switching carriers becomes a breeze. It takes a few simple steps to rewrite its information, making it possible to change cellular services.

This saves a lot of time, as switching physical SIM cards is a long process where you have to physically get hold of a SIM card first and then pop it inside your smartphone tray to switch carriers.

With smartphones such as Apple that are compatible with eSIMs, now switching cellular services when traveling internationally becomes seamless as the transition is effortless.

This feature is beneficial when you are an avid traveler. You must switch between multiple SIM cards when visiting various countries. If you get prepaid eSIMs, storing them in your phone becomes easier. Switching between these carriers is relatively more straightforward. Hence, you can always stay connected when traveling.

  1. Safely Store Multiple eSIMs:

When you use eSIM devices such as iPhone 14, you can store up to 8 SIM cards on the phone while only two can see remain active simultaneously. When you wish to own multiple physical SIM cards, you have to safely store them and keep inserting them inside your cell phone to use them. When using eSIMs, you need not go through these tedious processes, and there is no fear of losing these SIM cards as it is already stored inside the mobile. All you have to do is switch whenever you like to do a different cellular service.

If you are wondering why you need multiple SIM cards, think about the guaranteed coverage you get if you have different service provider eSIMs stored inside your phone. Not every cellular service offers the best service in all parts of your country. In areas with poor coverage from a specific carrier, you can switch to a different cellular service provider with a stronger range. This ensures you will always stay connected.

Also, different service providers offer different plans. One carrier may offer you better voice plans, and another may provide unlimited data. You can always switch to another carrier if you feel that it is offering you better deals.

  1. More Secure from Theft:

eSIMs cannot be swapped out like in the case of traditional Sims. This makes it harder for criminals to get rid of your SIM card if they steal your device. This makes it much easier to track a lost smartphone. Hence, we can safely say that it adds an extra layer of protection to your smartphone.

  1. Better Waterproof and Dust Proof Rating:

When smartphone companies started ditching the 3.5 mm headphone jack, it received a lot of criticism from people, especially those not keen to switch to Bluetooth headphones yet. But later on, people figured out that ditching an extra port only means additional protection for the phone, as it eliminates an additional port from where water could slip into your smartphone that, helps create a better waterproof device.

Eliminating SIM card slots and switching to eSIMs again means eliminating fewer holes in your smartphone. This helps in protecting your phone from dust and moisture, increasing its lifespan.

The Bottom Line:

To be honest, eSIM is not a new technology but has existed for some time. It has obviously improved in the past few years, which offers many benefits. But despite that, its adoption has been very slow, mainly because of the lack of awareness among consumers, which led to little interest for smartphone manufacturers.

The Trendsetter smartphone company Apple recently took the bold decision to adopt eSIMs ultimately. This only means that Android phones are going to follow this very soon. Hence, there is no point in waiting anymore. Switch to a smartphone that is eSIM compatible to stay updated with the trend.


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