ERPNext – The Ultimate Business Management Software

ERPNext - The Ultimate Business Management Software

Are you looking for professional business management software that can seamlessly manage all your business tasks?

Then you might have to look for ERPNext, a software that can take care of all your business tasks no matter whether you own a small or medium-sized business.

Sounds Interesting? Do you want to explore more about the ERPNext services?

You are at the right place as I am going to talk about ERPNext, one of the ultimate business management software I have ever witnessed in recent times.

What is ERPNext?

ERPNext is open-source software built using Python language and MySQL as a backend database. Apart from Python and MySQL, there is a web app framework called Frappe framework that is involved in the ERPNext.

ERP stands for Enterprise- Resource Planning which is a must-have software for all businesses out there.

There are many successful businesses across the globe such as Zerodha, SELCO, Union Home Appliances, and many more already using ERPNext service and gaining a lot of benefits from the open-source web-based software.

The ERP service plays an important role in managing your businesses and makes your work easier than you believe. While the automated ERP system can have the potential to manage all your business work, you can focus more on your business development.

The cost of the ERPNext system is huge because of the hardware and other stuff involved in the software.

If you are looking for an affordable ERPNext solution, then you can consider web-based ERPNext services which are cost-effective.

Things You Can Do With ERPNext Solution for your Business 

Not just one or two, having the ERP system will be the perfect solution to seamlessly handle almost all the departments in your business.

Here in this section, I am sharing a few points from which you can easily understand what are all the things that you can do with the ERPNext services for your small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Accounting works
  • HR management
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Leave applications
  • CRM
  • Payroll
  • Employee management
  • Billing

The above-listed processes are the tasks that give you headaches and consume your time and strength when you are in need to do it yourself or even with the help of manpower.

But, when you have the ERPNext web-based open-source software with you, all the listed tasks will automatically be taken care of by the software itself.

If you are serious about moving in a development path, then you definitely have to consider getting a professional ERPNext system for your business to handle and manage most of your business tasks.

There is no point in doing all the stuff yourself by spending your precious time. So, make all those works automated with ERP software and just focus on your development.

Which Industry Needs the ERP Services a Most?

Irrespective of the business industry you are currently in, ERP is the best solution for all businesses as it offers so many features to all businesses.

If you would like to know, what industry especially needs the ERP system the most, I would say manufacturing, retail, and distribution agencies.

No matter what kind of retail stores or manufacturing units you own as a part of your business, the ERPNext solution is what you need to manage all the work flawlessly.

Actually, it’s a single platform developed with so many different features to help out business people. The ERP software is developed by Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Features in the Ultimate Business Management Software ERPNext

Let’s have a quick look at the features of the most popular business management software ERPNext. The features can also be termed as ERPNext modules.

  • Supports All Devices

The software supports almost all devices. Since it’s a web-based open-source platform, you can integrate the same on laptops, desktops, and even mobile devices

  • Website Integration

One of the great things about the open-source ERPNext is that it can integrate into websites and online stores that are developed using open-source software.

The ERPNext for your online store websites can be a great deal as it manages all the sales, purchases, billing, inventory and so much of the work an eCommerce website demands.

  • Easy-to-Use User Interface

You need not be a guru to make use of the ERPNext solution. The UI handled in the software seems user-friendly. So, even without any knowledge, you can easily handle the software.

  • Built-in Social Network and Simple Messaging Service 

There is a built-in social network and messaging service available in the ERPNext software by which you can send messages, and share reports to other members in your office or even to your members from your other branches.

  • A Best Accounting and Billing Solution

You never need to rely on any other billing software that costs you around 20,000 INR when you have an ERPNext solution with you.

The software will take care of all the accounting and billing tasks required for your business effectively and give you the most accurate reports. The ERPNext service has the ability to handle all the accounting with tax calculations.

So, there is no need to worry about your tax filings.

  • Supports Multi-Currency

 Not just Indian Rupees, the software supports multiple currencies. So, if your business deals with other countries currencies, the multi-currency support might be the super option for you to get reports in a particular currency.

Also, the software supports multi-country as you can choose the country of your choice accordingly.

  • Human Resource Management

The software can be the best HR for your business as it can flawlessly manage employees’ attendance and leave.

Not just attendance management but also you can use the ERPNext service to manage employee appraisals, payroll, and expense claim submission.

  • Sales and CRM

With the help of the ERPNext software, you can easily go through all your sales reports without referring to notebooks all the time.

There are many kinds of reports generated by the software such as profit and loss reports, party statements, incoming and outgoing money, expenses, and many more by which you can easily monitor how your company is performing during a particular period.

  • Inventory Management

If you are running a manufacturing unit and owning a warehouse for the unit, you need better inventory management software to manage all the inventory-related tasks.

The ERPNext software can be able to take care of all the inventory tasks such as inventory management and inventory valuations.

So, to take complete control of your business workflow, you need a professional ERPNext service.

Where to Download ERPNext Software? 

Here comes the most awaited section. If you are excited to know the ERPNext download and ERPNext install process, you can make use of this portion.

You can get your ERPNext software through its official webpage.

There is an open-source plan by which you can download and install it on whatever devices you want. The plan costs you ZERO rupees and you use the plan free forever.

Apart from the free plan, there are some paid plans too under different plan names which you can go through on the ERPNext software official website pricing page.

As you are a beginner to the ERPNext system, I would suggest you go with an ERPNext partner to guide you through everything in the software.

There are 100+ ERPNext partners you could find on the official website in the category vice such as gold partners, silver partners, and bronze partners.

Among all the partners, I personally found a better ERPNext partner to help you out in many better ways in running the software.

Kanak Infosystems LLP is whom I found one of the best ERPNext partners to guide you in using the software in the best possible ways.

Kanak Infosystems

An India-based professional ERP business solutions provider, Kanak Infosystems can take care of all your ERPNext service-related works.

Whether you own small or medium businesses, Kanak Infosystems can have the potential to provide you with the most professional ERP solutions. The company is one of the leading Indian companies that is partnered with ERPNext officially to offer customers quality ERP solutions.

The company is offering customers two different ERP business solutions:

  • Consulting and Implementation Service

There is a team of ERP experts available at Kanak Infosystems to give consulting to the users.

Also, if you need an implementation service such as downloading, installing, and software setup process, you can contact Kanak Infosystems.

Visit Kanak Infosystems Website

  • Integration Services

The company is doing integration services as well.

Whether you want to integrate the ERPNext software system into your company laptop, desktop, or even mobile devices, you can keep in touch with Kanak Infosystems to get the integration work done.

Speak with the Kanak Team

Final Words 

ERPNext is undoubtedly a powerful software platform to manage businesses in a hassle-free way. Software becomes essential for all businesses.

But, most people do not seem to be interested in using the ultimate business management software because of their lack of knowledge.

If you are interested in integrating the ERPNext service into your business but not sure how to get started, I recommend you contact Kanak Infosystems right now and speak with them regarding your queries and doubts.

With the support and guidance from such professional yet official partners like Kanak Infosystems, you can easily understand the software and start using your own to let the ultimate software manage all your business workflows.

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