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Erik Stangvik Explains the Importance of Social Entrepreneurs

Erik Stangvik Explains the Importance of Social Entrepreneurs

Erik Stangvik recently explained the importance of Social Entrepreneurs

Erik Stangvik has been one of the leading social entrepreneurs in the world. He has worked for and created his own companies that give back in a variety of ways. Social entrepreneurship is something that is becoming more and more common among entrepreneurs and companies, but many consumers have no idea what this term means and its importance. Read on as Mr. Stangvik explains social entrepreneurship and why it is so important.  

Erik Stangvik Explains What Social Entrepreneurship Is

Erik Stangvik says that social entrepreneurship is a for-profit business that not only makes money for the business, but also gives back to the community or world that we live in. This is important to note, as many people confuse a not-for-profit or charitable organization with social entrepreneurship and companies. The big difference between the two is that social entrepreneurship still makes money and is a for-profit company, but they also give back in many different ways.

Erik Stangvik Describes How Social Entrepreneurs Actually Give Back

Erik Stangvik explains that social entrepreneurs can give back in many different ways. One of the ways that they can give back is through their products. For example, some companies state that if you buy one of their products, they will donate one to a person in need. This is a way of giving back. Another way of giving back is through donations. For example, if you buy a plush stuffed animal, $1 of the purchase price goes to help that animal in the wild. Finally, social entrepreneurs may use the money they earn to develop new products or technology that can improve society. For every $5 you spend with a food company, $1 goes to finding new ways to help farmers decrease their carbon footprint or farm with less water waste.

Erik Stangvik Details How Social Entrepreneurs Spread the Word About a Cause

Erik Stangvik states that one of the key reasons why social entrepreneurs are so important is because they help to spread the word about a cause. Once people hear about the way a social entrepreneurship is helping, they learn more about a cause that they may have never thought much about. This is one of the best ways to start getting a cause on social media or in the news. Raising awareness leads to more people wanting to help support that cause, which ultimately benefits everyone. 

Erik Stangvik has been a leader in social entrepreneurship. For more than 25 years, he has worked for and created businesses that strive to make the world a better place and give back in various ways. Through his work, he has helped people get the meals they needed, get the medical care they needed, helped children with education, helped with bullying in school and helped create products that better the world as a whole. Social entrepreneurship is becoming more and more common, which is a positive, as businesses can directly help more people. If you are considering starting a business, try to find a way to give back through your business and become a social entrepreneur. 

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