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Eric Weinberger on What Makes the Sports Event Production Process Unique

Eric Weinberger

Fans focus on the event, but sports media executive Eric Weinberger is responsible for ensuring everything goes smoothly. Sports event production has a major impact on the team, the sport, and even other businesses in the area. Weinberger has many years of experience in the industry and is a multiple Emmy award winner.

What is Sports Event Production? 

Sports event production is the process of creating and hosting a sporting event. This includes planning the event, securing the venue, working with a broadcast team, and the teams or individuals participating in the event.

It’s a massive undertaking that allows fans and participants to have an enjoyable experience.  It amps up the excitement of the event and keeps everyone comfortable and safe.

What Makes Sporting Event Production Different? 

Eric Weinberger states that sports event production is a subset of event production. However, some aspects differ from other types of events. 

Choosing Competitors 

The sporting event production process often involves selecting competitors. The event manager may work with sports professionals or their agents to negotiate the event. 

This process is often similar to recruitment. The right competitors go a long way toward ensuring the success of an event. After all, this is what brings people to the event. 

Other events may be open to competitors within specific guidelines. Marathons, for example, may be open to everyone. Well-known marathons may require participants to meet a specified qualifying time or hold qualifying races. 

Sometimes, you won’t know who the competitors are until days before the event. Tournaments, for example, work by eliminating participants who lose. The competitors who win move on in the tournament, making who will compete against who impossible to predict. 

Managing and Interacting With Different Groups

Sporting events bring several groups of people together, according to Eric Weinberger.  A sports event manager must work with regulatory bodies, the individuals or teams themselves, and broadcasting crews. On the other end of the spectrum are the fans, who must be considered throughout the process. 

It’s Unpredictable 

Sporting events are different from other types of events because many aspects can’t be planned ahead of time. Who will win the game and how long the game will last are unknown factors. 

This is what makes sporting events so exciting, but it creates challenges for the production staff. They must be prepared for the unknown. 

About Eric

Eric Weinberger is the Head of Broadcast and Co-Founder of Ring City USA. The company produces weekly live boxing events. These events are aired on NBC Sports and Twitch. 

He is also the President of the sports and entertainment company Bleav Podcast Network. The company develops, produces, and monetizes individual team podcasts. 

He is the developer and Executive Producer for the sports talk show The Rally, which airs on Bally Sports Network. 

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