Eric Spofford & Spofford Enterprises Finds Success in Real Estate Investment

MIAMI, Florida – Eric Spofford, founder of the east coast-based Granite Recovery Centers, is bringing an impressive drive to real estate investment as he’s established Spofford Enterprises.

Founder and former CEO/executive chairman Eric Spofford put his addiction recovery services company on the market, eventually signing a deal with BayMark Health Services from Lewisville, Texas. Earning a significant payout, Eric Spofford wanted to take a different path in the next phase of his life.

“Drug overdoses in 2020 reached the highest numbers ever recorded by the CDC even as we were getting indications that our services were working,” Eric explains. “That being said, it was clear that we were kind of just getting hit with the tidal wave. Admittedly, all of that work is very emotionally taxing. I wanted to do something where I could hold onto my ideals without having to take it home with me, and in building my own investment & real estate firm I think I found that.”

A Growing Market

While Eric is still deeply invested in helping others battling addiction, he is rapidly expanding his other ventures through Spofford Enterprises. Spofford Enterprises has offices in Salem, New Hampshire, and Miami, Florida. Nestled in spots that have a great deal of value surrounding their headquarters, Spofford has taken advantage of housing booms in Miami recently while also expanding into the midwest as well as other markets. Why does Eric value multi-family real estate?

Investing in a multiunit property could potentially grow your real estate portfolio and bring in a significantly higher income than focusing on single-family properties. Depending on the number of rental units, multiunit properties don’t warrant huge costs to manage, ensuring multiple revenue streams while keeping costs for tenants manageable. Eric Spofford shows a determination to thrive in any industry through savvy investment approaches.

Always Moving Forward

Spofford ensured that BayMark’s acquisition would not leave his former employees out to dry, making the decision to sell the business to a company that was in the wake of expansion to afford greater opportunities for advancement. With a clear conscience of leaving Granite Recovery behind, the Entrepreneur is taking advantage of the emerging real estate market.

“I wanted something new, something not so emotionally taxing, and it turns out this industry is easy for me to grasp because it’s all practical.” Securing more than 9 figures in selling Granite Recovery, Eric wanted to use this as the foundation for something greater. Composing himself with a great deal of humility even today, the entrepreneur is sure to never assume anything will come easy. Always ready to fight, Eric Spofford has an unshakeable spirit to push forward.

Eric is also still serving the addiction community daily. Whether it’s the daily phone calls he takes, his daily devotionals on Instagram, or his new book coming out in 2023, Spofford says he will forever dedicate his life to helping those battling addiction. He views Spofford Enterprises as a vehicle and opportunity to help even more people struggling with addiction.

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