Epson L380 Resetter Adjustment Program Download

Have you got an Epson L380 model long ago now the printer is behaving cranky and is showing up the red light and throwing an error message as Service required. Do not panic. You do not have to spend a huge amount of money on its maintenance. The Epson printer can be reset with ease and without the assistance of any authorized service engineer. You also do not have to pay for any paid tool to reset. It is completely free. When you observe that your Epson printer has stopped working, you can reset the printer using Epson L380 resetter by following the steps we suggest in this article. 

Epson L380 resetter, which is also known as the Adjustment program can be downloaded for free of cost online. 

Steps to reset Epson L380 printer using Epson l380 resetter

First, you need to detect the problem with the printer accurately. If you are sure that you have to reset the printer, follow these steps:

  1. Disable any anti-virus installed until you reset the printer
  2. Download the Epson L380 resetter on your system to which the printer is connected and disable the anti-virus software. You can also delete the anti-virus software to use the Epson adjustment program since this cannot be run on the system if the anti-virus is ON. 
  3. Extract the zip file into the location you want on the system. You can enter the password that is mentioned next to the extract files option to continue file extraction. In case you are unable to extract the file, you can download the win was software. 
  4. After you unzip the Epson L380 resetter files, you can open the Run-ME file in the list of files you have in the unzipped folder. This opens a new window. 
  5. There are four different buttons available on this window, but you have to click the Select button. This opens another window.
  6. Select the model of your printer, which is L380 from the Model name drop-down menu and select Auto selection from the Port menu, and then click OK. 
  7. Click the Particular adjustment mode button.
  8. Select the Waste Ink Pad counter option from the list.
  9. Click OK. This opens a new window. 
  10. Select the Main pad counter check box and click the Check button. This shows the inkpad to be 100% full. This means that the inkpad is full.
  11. Select the Main pad counter check box and click the Initialize button. Once the entire process is done successfully your printer will be ready to print the documents. 

After the initialization process of the printer is completed, you must turn off the printer and later turn it ON. 

When to reset the Epson L380 printer

Here are a few indications on when to reset the printer using the Epson L380 resetter:

  • When you see a red light on the printer. 
  • The printer inkpad service life has come to an end. 
  • Notify to contact the Epson service center
  • Show a message about the need to change the ink pad


Now that you have learned how to reset the printer using the Epson L380 resetter. Going forward, if you have to reset the printer, follow the procedure mentioned in the article to successfully reset. 

FAQs (Frequently answered questions)

Q1. What is a resetter program?

The program is the software provided by EPSON to resolve the inkpad issue when it is full. 

Q2. Why do you have to reset the Epson printers?

Waste ink is generated by printers. If the waste ink is overflowing, the printer stops working at this point you must change the inkpad and run the resetter tool.

Q3. How can I clean the inkpad?

You can use the sponge pads to clean the ink pad. 




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