EPN Releases a Curated Global Card supporting Cryptocurrencies for Media Buyers and Affiliate Marketers

EPN Releases a Curated Global Card supporting Cryptocurrencies

EPN, a payments company registered in the U.K., has launched a card payment system for its global retail and client base.

In a recent press release, EPN said the new card payment system leverages its in-house technology. Their cards will make fiat and crypto payments faster, cheaper, and more flexible, empowering clients, including affiliate marketers and media buyers.

Cardholders can readily bypass all the inherent pain points associated with traditional payment and remittance through an expertly designed solution that serves clients better, efficiently, and cheaply.

Problems Facing Marketers and Media Buyers

The EPN research team plowed resources, studying current challenges facing clients, including marketers and media buyers, when making card payments.

A common denominator, they noted, was problems revolving around efficiency, fees, flexibility, and currencies supported. In that regard, the EPN team is innovatively releasing a card payment system that couples perfectly with the digital demands of the current payment operations while also ensuring convenience for the client.

EPN cardholders can, for instance, quickly apply for an unlimited number of cards from the comfort of their workstations. As such, the provider is eliminating the need for clients to physically visit their banks to make payments. Notably, the freedom to apply for an unlimited number of cards and adapt them for various needs is beneficial for affiliate marketers.

Although the affiliate industry is estimated to be north of $12 billion in 2022 according to estimates, marketers face many problems, including the absence of convenience and card restrictions.

To make payments, affiliate marketers, most of whom have multiple cards for various portals, tend to use the same debit card to transfer funds or pay for services rendered. This is inconvenient, especially for clients who may be limited to applying for and receiving cards, and also presents a security risk. In case of a data breach, sensitive payment data associated with the card and tied to multiple accounts may be exposed, leading to damage.

Global Advertisement and Universal Cards that Support Cryptocurrencies

The team behind EPN is aware of this weak point and how markets are potentially exposed while making payments.

Towards that end, the team offers Advertisement Cards specially curated for advertising and marketing platforms like Facebook and TikTok. Users are charged $10 monthly and a six percent deposit fee for applying and using this card in their businesses.

EPN also issues Universal Cards for retail or corporate clients who regularly purchase goods and services online. Using the Universal Card to make payments at any point of sale and checkout is cheaper, faster, and more secure. Universal Card holders pay $15 monthly and an eight percent deposit fee.

Clients can apply for EPN cards in simple steps, regardless of location. At the same time, because of the higher spending limits of each card, affiliate marketers are instantly empowered to expand their revenue base unbridled and infinitely grow their businesses.

Additionally, EPN cards support a wide range of currencies, including cryptocurrencies like BTC and USDT, with further confidence that funds are secure and can be quickly transferred or converted instantly at fixed exchange rates and lower transaction fees.

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