Epic EMR vs Practice Fusion Medical Software: Features & Reviews

Epic EMR

Electronic medical records software provides a host of functionalities and interfaces to healthcare practices, big and small. These technology-driven products help providers to create, organize, and retrieve patient health records. But with a whole bunch of options available on the market, choosing the right EMR system for your practice can seem like a daunting task. In this piece, we will help you simplify the process of selecting the right Health IT product by presenting a comprehensive comparison between two top-rates products- Epic EMR and Practice Fusion software. These two are prominent players in the EMR industry and help physicians improve the quality of patient care. You can also go for Epic EMR Demo and Practice Fusion Demo to see both these products in action. Now let’s move forward and find out their key offerings.

Epic EMR Demo & Functionalities

Epic EMR software offers a cloud-based electronic health recording platform for hospitals with the functionality to streamline daily practice tasks, including patient health records. The software provides an ambulatory solution that allows medical professionals to document a patient’s healthcare information over time. Healthcare setups using it have noticed significant improvements in their providers’ productivity and efficiency along with an increase in overall practice revenue. Medical professionals all over the world appreciate it and use it to automate their day-to-day work processes. There are Epic EMR features for just about every need. Moreover, you can rely on it to take care of all your hospital’s administrative and clinical needs. Schedule an Epic EMR demo to evaluate all its features in real-time.

Top Epic EMR Features

Revenue Cycle Management

Epic offers a powerful RCM feature that allows your healthcare organizations to maximize revenue collections while improving practice efficiency. You can easily create payment plans and consolidate all of your balances into a single payment to streamline payment and billing tasks.

Patient Portal

The software’s patient portal feature enables patients to access their health and medication information on their mobile devices. Epic EMR reviews confirm that they can also request prescription refills, schedule appointments, communicate with physicians, and get follow-up notifications.


Epic’s Telehealth functionality allows physicians to monitor patients and offer remote care sessions. It comes with dozens of tools, which help users manage chronic disease management, ICU monitoring, peer-to-peer consultations, telecardiology, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

This EMR software includes machine learning algorithms that are embedded at the point of care. The software’s cloud-based platform also supports the deployment of independent artificial intelligence models.

Pricing and Reviews

The pricing plan for Epic EMR software starts at $1,200.00 for their self-hosted solutions and goes up to $500,000 for hospitals and large clinics. The internet evaluations for this software solution are mostly positive. It has received multiple positive mentions from users for its ease of use and high usability.

Practice Fusion EMR Demo & Functionality

Practice Fusion software is an all-inclusive, cloud-based EMR solution that offers a comprehensive suite of features to help providers stay on top of patient needs. The software connects patients, providers, and organizations through a unified platform. It includes a variety of integrated Practice Fusion EMR features, such as e-prescribing, patient scheduling, charting, imaging integration, and more. You can rely on this electronic medical records software to streamline your day-to-day workflows, improve operational efficiency, and deliver the best possible quality of care to your patients. Practice Fusion is an affordable solution that is also considered one of the most user-friendly EMR products in its industry. In addition, the software is built around a patient-centric theme, which makes it easier for patients to keep track of their healthcare process. You can also get a Practice Fusion EMR demo to get tangible proof of the software’s functionality.

Top Practice Fusion EMR Features

Patient Portal

The patient portal feature of the software allows patients to participate actively throughout their care process. They can access their medication history and lab results at all times. Practice Fusion EMR reviews also suggest that this feature helps practices improve patient engagement.

Billing and Payment

The software makes it easier for patients to update payment information and receive billing statements. Physicians can also use this functionality to create superbills by automatically gathering information from patient charts. It even gives the option to scrub claims for errors and verify patient insurance eligibility.


Practice Fusion streamlines the patient charting process by offering a variety of specialty-specific templates, automatic favorite lists, and various data entry options.


You can order and send electronic prescriptions anywhere. This feature also allows you to manage pharmacy communication and medical orders electronically.

Reviews and Pricing

The pricing plan for eClinicalWorks software starts at $149.00 per user per month. You can book a Practice Fusion EMR demo if you want to see this product in action. In this piece, we will also tell you what users have to say about the EMR solution. Most users feel that the software is an excellent choice for practices of all sizes. It has earned perfect-starred ratings from users, which is a big deal.

Epic EMR Demo vs. Practice Fusion EMR Demo

Epic EMR and Practice Fusion both offer robust electronic health record solutions to help providers improve workflow efficiency and the quality of patient care. It is important to note that both these software systems serve audience segments of different types. You should consider the unique workflow patterns and size of your practice in order to make a wise decision. We also recommend that you compare the demos of both the solutions before finalizing your decision.

To End

After all the discussion done above, we can say that there is no one-size-fits-all winner in the Epic EMR vs. Practice Fusion question. Both are top-tier medical software systems with powerful suites of features that can streamline your daily practice tasks. The right option for you depends on your practice size and requirements. It is suggested that you schedule both Epic EMR Demo and Practice Fusion Demo to pick the right option.

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