EOS (EOS) Price Prediction: Uwerx (WERX) Continues To Surge In Its Presale

Uwerx (WERX)

The volatility of the cryptocurrency industry has always influenced traders’ decisions. They are always careful when picking a new project to invest in. Crypto experts have chosen the new project Uwerx, as a project with the potential to bring huge returns to investors. 

This article will highlight the features of Uwerx and explain why analysts have high predictions for it. But first, let us look at the price predictions for Fantom (FTM) and EOS (EOS).

Fantom (FTM) Holders Anticipate Gains

Fantom (FTM) has decreased in value within the last 24 hours. The project currently trades at $0.31, representing a -0.55% in the past 24hrs. This current price also represents a -4.6% decrease in the last seven days.

The ongoing Multichain crisis is to blame for Fantom’s (FTM) price decline in the past few weeks. Since Fantom (FTM) owns 35% of Multichain’s total locked-in value (TVL), the crisis has affected Fantom’s (FTM) price. 

The Fantom Foundation tried to contain the situation by assuring investors that their assets were safe. This assurance prevented a massive pullout, but investors are still skeptical.

Despite investors’ skepticism, analysts predict Fantom (FTM) to reach $0.55 by Q2 2024. 

EOS (EOS) Releases EVM v0.5.0

In what could be their biggest development, EOS just released the EOS EVM v0.5.0. This is a significant milestone for the blockchain network.

The EOS EVM v0.50 integrates Yield+ Liquidity and includes new updates on network optimization. It will also improve the user experience for the EOS community. With the EOS EVM v0.50, DeFi traders can access more dApps and tap into new yield farming opportunities.

Asides from the Yield+ function, EOS EVM has also introduced updates such as read-only transaction execution support, modified withdraw action, advanced execution removal, and updated “inevm” table.

This new update has translated to a rise in EOS’s (EOS) price over the last seven days. The project currently trades at $0.88, representing a 5.38% increase from the last seven days. Analysts predict the project to reach $1.63 by the first quarter of 2024. 

Uwerx (WERX) Appeals To Investors

According to Forbes, Fiverr’s findings reveal that about 78% of businesses will depend on freelancing instead of hiring additional personnel in 2023. This indicates that the freelance market will be a major player in the world economy in the next decade.

Uwerx’s blockchain-based feature makes it a great addition to the freelance industry. The project appeals to investors and freelancers alike, offering them decentralization, efficiency, a 1% flat platform fee, IP protection, incentives, security, and more. WERX tokens currently trade at $0.05245 with a 25% purchase bonus. 

The team will release the Beta version soon so that users can interact with it. Users are also urged to send feedback to the Uwerx team at

In light of this growing interest, the Uwerx team raised the presale token allocation to 57% (427,500,000 tokens) and reduced the team’s token allocation to 7%. They also bumped WERX’s launch price from $0.09 – $0.11 to $0.095 – $0.115.

Uwerx’s presale success is majorly due to the agile methodology approach used by the development team. This method involved introducing the project in stages and making adjustments as they progressed.

Furthermore, the team introduced the Uwerx Vault, a feature similar to staking. With the uwerx Vault, users can save their tokens for a desired period and earn interest. 

In recent news, 98.2% of users voted in favor of a test airdrop, which the team believes will help ascertain users entered their correct receiving wallet addresses. In addition, another poll saw 82.8% of the community agreeing to the immediate lock of developers’ liquidity. This lock was initially scheduled to take place after the presale. Based on the poll result, the Uwerx team has promised to lock the tokens next week.

Uwerx has received audit approval from SolidProof and InterFi Network, and the team has promised to relinquish all smart contract ownership after the project lists on centralized exchanges. These moves underscore the team’s commitment to transparency and safeguarding investors’ funds.

According to analysts, the value of the WERX token could surpass $2.7 by Q3 2024. Take advantage of the 15% bonus to buy WERX tokens through the links below:





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