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Eonstarter, Bitcoin’s BRC20-Based IDO Launchpad, Unveils Litepaper, Poised to Propel Innovative Projects on Bitcoin

Eonstarter, one of the pioneering IDO platforms on the Bitcoin BRC20 blockchain, is excited to announce the launch of its whitepaper and website.

The Bitcoin blockchain has experienced significant usage surges in recent months due to the introduction of ordinals and the BRC20 token standard on the layer 1 blockchain. This has led to network congestion for days and valuations approaching the $1B mark.

On the Litepaper, Eonstarter outlines its ambitious plans to construct a transformative BRC20-based IDO launch platform and its mission to become the launchpad of choice for innovative blockchain projects on the Bitcoin blockchain.

“Eonstarter aims to shatter this mold, unlocking long-term possibilities and steering the market towards a simplified and unified experience with a robust suite of DeFi services tailored specifically for the Bitcoin and BRC20 Ecosystem.”

Eonstarter’s product suite includes a token locking and staking feature, which will allow BRC20 projects to establish a staking pool, enabling their holders to stake their tokens and earn additional tokens.

$EONS Utility Token

Eonstarter’s utility token, $EONS, is built on the Bitcoin blockchain with a total supply of 100 million and will be utilized within the Eonstarter ecosystem.

$EONS holders can stake their tokens to participate in upcoming IDOs on Eonstarter, as well as stake tokens to farm more $EONS tokens.

Another utility of the $EONS tokens is in the governance of the Eonstarter ecosystem.

An initial private round for early adopters wishing to acquire $EONS tokens is now live. Interested participants should reach out to

The $EONS token sale will be conducted in three phases: a private round, a presale, and a public sale before listing on multiple exchanges.

Vision Ahead

Eonstarter plans to launch their first Cohort of IDOs by the end of Q3 2023 while also giving $EONS token holders the ability to stake their tokens to farm more tokens.

Eonstarter Team

The team behind Eonstarter consists of seasoned developers and blockchain experts with multiple years of experience building in the defi space. The team members are poised to use blockchain technology to build disruptive products.

For more information, reach out to

What is Eonstarter?

Eonstarter is a community-centric launchpad that transforms innovative ideas into successful growth journeys. We’re constructing a platform where founders can share innovative blockchain projects with communities ready to fund them.

With simplicity at the heart of our priorities, we aim to make the user journey as seamless as possible by enhancing every component involved, starting from design, wallet, and API integrations.

Our two primary protocols set to launch before the fourth quarter of the year are:

Eonstarter IDO Launchpad: Our fully decentralized IDO launchpad on the Bitcoin blockchain allows users to get in early on the most innovative and impactful projects building on the Bitcoin blockchain. Eonstarter will be fully equipped to support Bitcoin users with non-custodial wallet integration like Unisat and will take steps to ensure that IDOs on Eonstarter are not botted.
Eonstarter BRC-20 Token Locking & Staking Services: Currently, there is no token staking platformon BRC20, so Eonstarter is one of the pioneers in this feature, which will allow BRC20 projects to set up a staking pool, enabling their holders to stake their tokens and earn more tokens.

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