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Environmentally friendly landscaping with artificial turf


Artificial turf has been known for its various uses. Low maintenance is one of the main benefits a consumer can enjoy with its use. Rarely do people know that it is artificial, it has contributed much to our environment in proportion to the many advantages the consumers benefit from. Artificial turf installation is environmentally friendly in a lot of ways than can be imagined. You will be surprised by how it impacts our environment and how you can contribute to it as a consumer. We will be enumerating some of the factors that make artificial turf eco-friendly.

Reduce air pollution and energy use

Maintaining a natural turf requires the use of a lawn mower. A lawn mower requires the use of electricity or gas in order for the equipment to function. We all know that the use of gas contributes to air pollution through the carbon dioxide it produces from the emission of machines. Since artificial turf does not require maintenance or trimming, a lawn mower is of no use to it as well.

Having said that, it will also conserve your time and energy because it does not require thorough maintenance.

Reduce Noise pollution

There is another kind of pollution that is not commonly noted for prevention. That is noise pollution. Again this is due to the fact the lawn mower that is used to trim natural grass produces noise that might be disturbing to your neighborhood. Unknowingly you are using it to make your lawn look neat, but it may also disturb humans and wildlife.

Using artificial turf as your lawn will not require maintaining it with a lawn mower which will help contribute to the reduction of noise pollution.

Saves water

Natural grass requires watering for it to flourish and not dry up, especially in tropical areas It is part of the maintenance it requires. An artificial turd does not need watering since it is not rooted and is only a synthetic type. Rather than using the water to irrigate it, why not use it for more important things? It may not only save water, but it will also help the reduction of your water bill.

Eliminates chemical use

One of the maintenance required to make grass healthy is to get rid of pests that might eat out the leaves. The use of pesticides is commonly done to achieve this.No pests will eat artificial grass since it is synthetic,  and bugs will not benefit from getting any nutrients from it.

Chemical fertilizer usage may also pose a danger to the user. Although this may help the natural grass become healthy, the contents might be hazardous to its users if not handled properly. Artificial turf will neither require pesticides nor fertilizer which will make your lawn safe from untoward events caused by the chemicals it may have. This promotes a safe environment for your pets and children.

Limits erosion and runoff

Putting up artificial grass on a sloped area will help prevent erosion since it does not require water for maintenance. Runoff of chemicals from fertilizer and pesticides will also be prevented if artificial turf is used in these kinds of areas.

Who would have taught that using artificial turf will contribute positively to the environment? Contact your nearest artificial turf Sunshine Coast supplier now to install an eco-friendly and low-maintenance lawn for your home and commercial space.


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