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Entrepreneur Bruno Marcolla Bordin Spearheads Revolutionary Change in U.S. Machinery Industry with Global Expertise

Bruno Marcolla Bordin

Bruno Marcolla Bordin, an enterprising businessman from Joaçaba in Santa Catarina, Brazil, is poised to transform the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in the United States with his cutting-edge consulting services. Born to João Carlos Bordin, an ex-TV director who turned to entrepreneurship, and Suzete Regina Marcolla, a former teacher and businesswoman, on December 18, 1990, Bordin possesses a unique mix of innovative and tenacious qualities that drive his entrepreneurial endeavors. His early years were marked by a significant high school exchange program in Ohio, which expanded his international outlook and deepened his comprehension of global business interactions.

Holding a degree in International Relations, Marcolla Bordin’s fluency in English and his fervor for international commerce have been consistent throughout his professional journey. He has worked as a foreign trade tutor for Sebrae Nacional and Sebrae SP and gained distinctive experience during his time at McDonald’s in Hawaii. His dedication to societal welfare is also evident from his involvement as a volunteer firefighter in Jaraguá do Sul.

Marcolla Bordin’s most recent enterprise, Brasilfy LLC, situated in Albany, New York, is designed to connect U.S. small and medium-sized businesses in the machinery and equipment field with promising international markets, especially in Latin America. This initiative is especially crucial at a time when U.S. heavy machinery manufacturers are navigating a challenging decade.

The U.S. machinery and equipment industry, critical to the country’s economic power, faces a pivotal moment due to changing global trade and technological advancements. This sector, which contributed more than $400 billion to the U.S. economy in 2022, is struggling to keep up with rapid technological progress. Industry 4.0, marked by automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence, is altering manufacturing globally. To remain competitive, U.S. manufacturers need to invest significantly in these technologies, a daunting task for SMEs. A recent report showed that under 20% of small machinery producers have fully adopted digital technology in their processes, a stark contrast to over 45% of larger firms.

Furthermore, the industry confronts increasing challenges due to rising trade tensions and an unstable global economy. The ongoing trade conflicts, particularly with China, have led to unpredictable tariff regulations, impacting both the cost of imported raw materials and export prospects. In 2021, the U.S. machinery industry experienced a 5% rise in the cost of imported raw materials, compressing many manufacturers’ profit margins.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent disruptions have also exposed weaknesses in the global supply chain. A 2023 survey indicated that 60% of U.S. machinery manufacturers faced supply chain disruptions, resulting in production and fulfillment delays. This highlights the critical need for innovation in market expansion and supply chain management to ensure the industry’s resilience and growth. Adapting to these challenges is vital for maintaining the U.S.’s global position and for the survival and progress of the industry.

Marcolla Bordin’s approach is both timely and vital. His consultancy is not merely focused on market expansion but aims to revolutionize how U.S. firms interact globally. “BRASILFY LLC’s services contribute significantly to the U.S. by opening new markets, creating opportunities, enhancing the supply chain, controlling inflation, and bolstering the U.S. economy,” states Bordin. His efforts promise extensive benefits, including job creation, increased tax revenues, and a boost to the U.S. economy.

In a decade where U.S. machinery manufacturers must evolve to survive, Bruno emerges as a symbol of innovation and advancement. His unique combination of international experience, entrepreneurial flair, and commitment to economic growth makes him a pivotal figure in reshaping the U.S. machinery and equipment manufacturing industry towards a more prosperous and interconnected future.

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