Entrepreneur And Author Israa Hilles Is Inspiring Women With Her Books.

Author, Israa Hilles, writes inspirational books to help women grow and empower themselves. 

Israa Hilles, a management expert with over 15 years of experience, has become a role model for women around the world. As a former corporate executive turned world traveller and now a well-respected author, she has penned eight books aimed at empowering women and the next generation to become strong and self-reliant. 

As an author, Israa Hilles has written 8 of the most inspiring and motivating books to teach how women can turn their misery into passion and help each other to become better each day. Her own hero and inspiration is her mother, Inam Hilles, who herself has had an adventurous life full of hardships  . She has given her immense strength to be creative and unconditional support to keep writing. 

Like her mother, Israa herself has a bright and full-of-life persona blended with the determination to conquer the heights. When she wrote The Fabulous Females (Strong Women Book 3), she wanted to show women the importance of having faith in themselves and working hard to achieve their goals. One can buy and see more of her books on Amazon. 

One of her bestsellers, From Ordinary to Extraordinary , emphasizes the stories of five strong girls living in different areas of the world. It is a journey of women’s courage, bravery, dignity, strength, and true wilderness. It is a story from the pits of misery to winning and living like a champion.

Another great piece from the excellent writing of Israa Hilles is Overcome that obstacle: It’s time to overcome those obstacles and become an achiever, shows us how to conquer all of the difficulties in our path. 

Her first release in march 2021 was Living Healthy Made Easy: Enhance your Health, Get Fitter and Heal your body & mind with a Positive Mindset  focussed on the positives of meditation and discipline.It covered topics such as Directed Weight Loss Meditation, Understanding and Managing Physical and Emotional Hunger, A Step-by-Step Approach to Avoiding Unhealthy Food and Sugar, Essential Weight Loss Nutrition Habits, and the Keto Diet, among others.

Understanding the role of the mind-body connection in feeding and managing our weight and well-being is critical. She also discussed how to develop a happy mindset and how making small adjustments to our lifestyle may have a great impact and last a lifetime.

On speaking to the media, she said “I want every woman around to realize the richness in their life and strive to increase its capacity to the fullest.” She further added, “After traveling across western Canada, I decided to share my experience with the world and was grateful with the amount of love and warmth I received.”

To learn more about her and her most recent publications, follow her on Instagram and her website, where she provides travel advice and connections to her online store and social media accounts.


Israa Hilles is a brand-new author. She is a management expert with over fifteen years of expertise. She was raised in the United Arab Emirates. She created ARTS for Media in Palestine after earning a degree in Human Resources, although she was more interested in communications. After winning an award from The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the United States, Israa founded Escritoire in Montreal, Quebec, which led to her receiving multiple awards. Since her immigration to Canada in 2015, she has won three awards: OSEntreprendre Québec, Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 across Canada, and one of the top 75 finalists for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards in 2020.

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