Enter The Metaverse: 4 Top Projects

The metaverse has been thrown around since Neal Stephenson coined the word in his 1982 Novel, Snow Crash, in which it’s used to describe a virtual world designed for escapism. However, it’s only over recent years it’s gained proper traction, thanks to improvements in virtual reality technology, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and decentralized communities. Even Mark Zuckerberg decided to capitalize on the metaverse by rebranding Facebook as “Meta” and eventually creating a “Metaverse”, which flopped big time. Moving away from Zuckerburg’s Meta, our focus turns to the real heroes of the metaverse – blockchain NFT games.

Cyber City

Cyber City’s marketplace launched in December 2021, with the full game dropping in February 2022. During the first wave, interested players bought tiered NFT boxes on the marketplace containing characters, weapons, companions, and City Blocks NFTs. During the game, players need to farm assets, build strong communities, take part in underground races, and fight for control of the never ending metropolis. If you want to get in on this exciting metaverse, visit Cyber City Game to invest in CYBR tokens and take up arms. 


Decentraland is a thriving world built on the Ethereum blockchain. The ecosystem is built around improving the land, buying plots, and trading. To get started, players need to invest in MANA, which is a minted NFT representing a plot of land. From there, players interact with the world to build up their assets and improve their plots, which can be sold to other players to earn a profit. Alongside the real estate fun, players can communicate in real-time using their very own custom avatars. 


If you were lucky enough to grow up in the age of the Tamagotchi, you can likely guess where Tamadoge is going. To get started with this cute game, players need to invest in TAMA, which is the native coin used to buy Tamadoge Pets. Every pet is unique and calls for different care functionalities. In the store, players can also buy items to help grow and nurture their Tamadoge Pet. 

The Tamadoge presale smashed other metaverse projects out of the way by raising a whopping $19 million. The TAMA coin was so successful that it’s now available on OKX’s centralized and decentralized exchanges. In the future, Tamadoge is looking to release augmented reality apps, which will act like an arcade rewarding physical assets. Also, they’re looking to partner with other metaverse projects, which will be great to see.


MetaCity is another project operating on the Ethereum blockchain. The aim of MetaCity is to host real human avatars inside a realistic city, which will involve visiting malls and going to banks filled with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). To get in on the action head to OpenSea, where you can buy one of 6500 unique NFT human avatars.


You can easily enter the metaverse in 2022, and there are already countless fantastic options to explore already (Zuckerberg’s Meta excluded). The projects outlined above barely scratch the surface, but they all have thriving communities and are well worth the initial investment. 

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