Entangle To Launch Web3 Photon Messenger

Entangle has announced that its Photon cross-chain messenger, recently tested in preparation for the Entangle mainnet release, is currently the fastest cross-chain messenger in the Web3 ecosystem.

TakeAway Points:

  • Entangle has revealed that its Photon cross-chain messenger is the fastest in the ecosystem. 
  • The Entangle mainnet is planning to go live in mid-April.
  • Photon empowers the dApps to be able to reach out across any blockchain, whether EVM or non-EVM, with fast speeds and serves over 15 chains.

Entangle’s Photon Messaging Protocol 

Photon messaging distinguishes itself from other cross-chain communication protocols through the key innovation of transmitter agents. Through the optimisations of the transmitter agent framework, minimization of block time, and innovative transaction composition, Photon Messaging has unveiled groundbreaking speeds.

The Entangle mainnet is planning to go live in mid-April. It had conducted dry run testing to verify performance measures for the Photon messaging tool. The results from the dry run show that. These innovations ensure rapid event processing and minimal latency, significantly enhancing messaging speed and operational efficiency. 

The team at Entangle designed Photon with the belief that smart contracts are only as valuable as their communication reach, and that Web3 adoption is hindered with disparate ecosystems strongly siloed against each other. Cross-chain communication is key to creating real Web3 value in order to increase the reach and opportunities for a given dApp.

Photon empowers the dApps to be able to reach out across any blockchain, whether EVM or non-EVM, with blazing fast speeds. The current number of chains served is over 15, and Entangled plans to continue this rapid expansion of service to ensure a maximum reach and connection between Web3 platforms.

“Entangle is pleased with the results of our dry run testnet results, which are a 1:1 replication of mainnet performance. Our speeds have matched our expected results as being the fastest solution on the market.” Faisal Mehrban, founder of Entangle, said.

Photon Messaging Protocol

Photon facilitates secure and efficient communication between smart contracts on various blockchains, which streamlines the interaction without the need to transfer tokens. The protocol maintains a flexible infrastructure by utilizing Transmitter Agents and lightweight off-chain components, ensuring rapid and adaptable cross-chain communication.

Developers are able to set custom consensus thresholds, which optimizes translation validation while empowering the consensus process to handle complex operations and diverse functionality. Entangle directly addresses cross-chain relay challenges (e.g., race conditions, scalability constraints, and transaction reordering/censorship vulnerabilities). This keeps the transfer of information safe, reliable, and scalable.

The dry-run test speeds were made possible through the design of the Photon protocol itself, and particularly the optimized Transmitter Agent Framework, which distributes transmitter agents so they can quickly capture events on the blockchain and immediately submit proposals for cross-chain communication as soon as the necessary block confirmations are secured.

Entangle was developed to have a reduced block time so that the Transmitter Agents can more quickly reach consensus on proposed operations. This allows them to complete the outgoing and incoming cross-chain messages without missing the block time sequence of the chains it is serving.

Once the Entangle mainnet is live in mid-April, users will be able to verify for themselves the record-breaking cross-chain speeds achieved by the Photon Messaging tool.


Entangle is the first fully customizable and interoperable data infrastructure built for Web3 and institutions. Photon, Entangle’s cross-chain messaging protocol, opens the door for ecosystems and blockchain-based apps with cost-efficient, secure, interoperable, and lightning-fast smart contract communication. The universal data solution allows developers to access authenticated real-world data with customisable logic from a variety of sources, including digital asset exchanges, equities, sports, gaming, and more.


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