Enrich Your Life With Video Media: Interview with Manabu Tasaka Director at CT Corporation.

Nations are seeking to accelerate their growth and development through innovation and technology.  The global agenda has turned towards supporting new businesses and recognizing their critical role as key drivers for growth and development.

In any strategy, it is essential to recognize and emphasize the importance of establishing new and relevant companies that will design, develop, and support products and services that meet society’s needs and make a significant contribution to economic development. 

Meet Manabu Tasaka, a founder and director of a CT corporation.

“I wish to contribute to Japan’s economic development starting here, and I aim for 2030 to be one of the milestones. This can only be accomplished by each of us being able to operate independent of employment and able to acquire and increase our business capabilities. 

However, challenging yourself can be a complicated process due to the lack of financial capacity, knowledge, and connections to key players. All of these factors make improvement difficult. This aspect of growth is not limited to individuals, but it can also be seen in corporations. The objective of our initiative is to remove those barriers that hinder improvements by utilizing the opportunity in the growing video sector and offering people necessary tools that can help enrich their lives.”

The journey

Manabu was raised in Ehime prefecture, Japan, before leaving his home to start junior high school in a dormitory.  “After I graduated from university, I moved to Tokyo.”. During job hunting, I knew I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship which is why I did not apply to big corporations”. In addition to his background in IT, store apps, and digital advertising, he has worked in three companies throughout his career, and at the age of 28, he became independent.

In addition to building a business focused on social media advertising, he began working on software, tools, and media at 30.  ClipTube is one of the applications preparing to launch and aims to create video-related business services for youth at junior high school or seniors.

“Enrich your life with video media!”

This is our vision, and we want to enrich both video creators and viewers. Every individual defines enrichment or success differently, whether based on financial gain, gaining acceptance by others, becoming involved in new communities, etc.

We’re in business to provide people with what they’re looking for when it comes to “enrichment.”

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome until now?

Despite our efforts to fund our excise projects and other methods, we almost ran out of cash in April 2021 due to the lack of budget. We still had two months left, and I remember cursing myself for having come up with the new business idea at that time.

However, with the support of our company’s board members, I was able to overcome my circumstances and the challenges our company faced. After hearing the encouraging words from the board member, I began to get back up, and my team and I concentrated more than ever on the project. We were able to get ourselves out of trouble with sheer persistence!

Here’s to the future

My initiative aims to encourage people to take on new challenges. This is why we want to provide a safety net so that people can go out there and tackle their challenges as they move forward.  Our goal is to become a publicly-listed company in Japan by 2026.

By 2030, the company plans to list on Nasdaq. It would be worthwhile afterwards to build a social structure where students as young as junior high could join a place of business development, and with that, promote a society where the vast majority of people are dreamers and explorers.

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