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Enjoy A Sparkling Clean Swimming Pool Every Day With Regular Maintenance

Owning a swimming pool and enjoying the Australian summer weather by swimming in the sparkling waters is a dream of many. Since everything needs proper maintenance to keep healthy, so does your swimming pool. Pool cleaning can be a hassle and a challenging task, but several ways can help keep your collection healthy and clean. 

Checking the water levels

  • Keep a check on water levels, and it should not fall below the skimmer intake tubes, as this might damage the pump.
  • Water evaporates, kids might splash it out, heavy rainfall may cause the levels to go up.
  • If the level drops too low, you may add water through a hosepipe.

Check the pH levels

  • The pH level of your pool tells you how alkaline or acidic is the pool water. 
  • Higher pH will reduce the chlorine level.
  • Ideally, it should be between 7.2-7.6, slightly alkaline to keep you safe, and also to activate chlorine
  • this range will prevent eye or skin irritation and also save your pool from corrosion 
  • Check for the calcium and chlorine content, cyanuric acid that protects chlorine in your pool 

Cleaning a pool involves a lot of tasks. It is not only physical cleaning but also lots of mechanical equipment that need regular maintenance. The pumps, heating systems, and filters also need to be checked to keep working in excellent order all year round. Therefore, taking the help of a professional expert for cleaning your pool is a better idea.

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Compass Pools are there to help you with the self-cleaning procedure that would save time and money on pool maintenance. Their team will help and guide you with the process of how to maintain a clean pool with the best filtration and cleaning techniques. They have been helping families across Australia and New Zealand since 1980 in transforming their backyards with a sparkling swimming pool.

Self-cleaning system

If you do not have enough time to clean the debris through hand vacuuming and change the water through other cleaning equipment, then the self-cleaning option is best for you. 

  • The Vantage Pool Cleaning Process of Compass Pools is a unique water circulation system that circulates water from the surface to the top of the pool and helps to take out dirty water or any debris. 
  • The water gets cleaner, and the proper chlorine level is returned and circulated in the water. 
  • There is no area left where algae or bacteria can grow

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Cleaning filters and lint pot

  • Filters need to be backwashed for proper working conditions
  • If it is a sand filter, then it will require a regular backwash at least once a month
  • If it is a cartridge type, then they need to be removed physically and pressure cleaned
  • Lint pot needs to be cleaned every few weeks
  • Baskets, in-floor, pumps, all these need to be cleaned weekly

Schedule an appointment once a year with Compass Pools to get the best assistance on the pool cleaning system. Your dream of buying a pool and enjoying time with friends and family without the hard work of cleaning it manually will come true.

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