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Enigma Recovery launches new 2021 consumer campaign

Personal Data Recovery

Today Enigma Recovery launches a new consumer campaign called #BackItUp! The campaign is a rallying call with a direct public message to save and protect precious personal data. Enigma Recovery’s multi media business mission will educate consumers about the importance of backing up valuable image, video or message content on their personal devices.

The #BackItUp! campaign was inspired by Enigma Recovery’s own customer insights and the changing design and reduced memory capacity of modern mobile and tablet devices.

In 2020, Enigma Recovery retrieved a record 87 million lost iOS messages & pictures and witnessed an upsurge of demand in data recovery during Christmas and New Year. 40% more people turned to Enigma Recovery during the festive period, a poignant time when messages and pictures served an even greater value for people unable to celebrate in one place with family and friends.

Furthermore, as a result of new privacy protection and the diminishing memory capacity in modern devices, fresh content rapidly over-writes old content so consumers are finding it harder to recover lost or accidentally deleted data.

“Clearly the value of message and image content has never been higher” says Aldo Del Bo, CEO of Enigma Recovery. “When people fear their precious data is lost, our recovery software provides fast relief. However our 2021 message for customers is prevention instead of cure! Our #BackItUp! campaign is designed to help consumers develop a “backup” mindset that helps the recovery process become even more effective”. 

The all-in-one Enigma Recovery tool which features a unique built in incremental backup service for iOS devices. The integrated backup service enables consumers to own and manage their valuable content through their own connected PC, making it easier and faster to protect personal content.

Enigma Recovery will support the #BackItUp! campaign with PR, a dedicated landing page, eye-catching website banners and educational content across all of Enigma Recovery’s owned channels.  The campaign will help consumers understand why its now time to stop and think about backing up to prevent data loss instead of resorting to emergency data recovery.

For further information, comment or interview, please contact Gaby Jesson (; 07768 024110) or Matthew Rayner, Chief Marketing Officer at Enigma Digital  ( 07866 886139).

About Enigma Recovery

Enigma Recovery is dedicated to providing users with solutions to control their data. With a strong focus on desktop software and mobile applications, Enigma Recovery products help customers recover, back up and manage data on their iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

The company was formed in 2011 after the founders realised how difficult it can be for individuals to retrieve lost or deleted data through device manufacturers and network operators. Since then, Enigma Recovery products have been used by over a million individuals and businesses from more than 180 countries.

The business has raised two rounds of investment from Boundary Capital Partners and Mangrove Capital Partners. With a focus on building its team and expanding growth through product development, Enigma Recovery is always seeking new ways to improve and innovate. 

The business was the first data recovery in the world to launch an iOS app, capable of restoring deleted data back to the app on an iOS device and the first to develop Incremental Backup as a means for customers to secure their data locally on their desktop.

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