Enhancing Security and Style: The Advantages of Glass Door Electronic Locks

Glass Door Electronic Locks

Glass doors are a great preference for many corporates, homes, and business offices. They allow natural light into a room and increase its visibility. Like any other door, a glass door needs a good locking system to prevent the door from being left open and maintain the room’s security.

Unlike other door materials, glass doors often require a special lock because they are fragile and prone to shattering under certain conditions. Also, the lock should maintain its stylish look without disrupting its aesthetic appeal. Glass door electronic locks are the best options for glass doors, and they have the following advantages:

You Don’t Have To Cut The Glass To Fix The Lock

Electronic locks for glass doors come in many types. With the advancement of technology, deciding on the best among the many types is no longer a hassle. If you choose a glass door lock such as Advantis, Crystal Digital Glass Door Lock does not need you to cut your door to fix them. The lock is designed to be installed on the surface of the glass door rather than being embedded in the glass, which can destroy the glass.

Such electronic locks are non-invasive, meaning they are mounted on the surface. These locks are more versatile and can fit the safety demands of any glass door, including single-pane and double-pane glass. You can use these locks for retrofitting without time-consuming and costly glass-cutting.

They Are More Secure

Electronic locks come loaded with many features to enhance your place’s security, making them a better choice for office and home doors. They have several authentication methods, including a 360-degree fingerprint recognition, password access, OTP and RFID card. These methods provide a higher level of security than using a key that can be compromised and duplicated.

Electronic locks also have access control management, enabling you to control access remotely. They are made with cutting-edge technology that provides an adjustable spy code. Through this feature, they automatically add a number before or after the password in the presence of strangers to maintain their security. If that is not enough, they also have an inbuilt break-in damage alarm that goes off after passwords are entered incorrectly five times in a row.

They Are Convenient

Digital glass door locks are more convenient than traditional locks. The most significant being the keyless entry options. Instead of fumbling with keys, digital locks give access through technological methods such as fingerprint scans, pin codes and RFID cards. These access systems are more secure because they are unique and can be changed, and they provide quick access.

Their system allows you to register up to 100 cards and four unique passwords for different users. They also provide a temporary password for guests to access the door. This flexibility makes them more convenient for a place with many people and eliminates the need to distribute physical keys, which poses a great security challenge.

They Are Cost-Effective

Modern glass locks that do not need glass cutting are cost-effective. Their installation does not require the cutting of the glass and hence poses a lower installation cost, and no specialised equipment is needed to install them. Additionally, you never go wrong with electronic locks for glass doors. They are designed to be versatile and compatible with various glass door types. Even when you want to upgrade the door, you can transfer them at no extra cost.

Have Fire Sensors

Glass door touch locks combine the essential functions of a security system and a fire safety system in a single device. In an unfortunate event of a fire or when they notice the temperature in a room is more than 650 C, they automatically unlock the door to increase safety. This feature makes it easy to evacuate the place swiftly. Also, the integration reduces the stress that is accompanied by such eventualities where people fumble while looking for keys to unlock the door.

They Are Reliable

While electronic locks depend on power to function, they have features that make them more effective and efficient. They have a low battery indication feature which automatically triggers a beep sound alert when the battery is low. They also have an emergency battery comprising a 9V battery that can be used when the lock is completely discharged. They don’t experience downtime and are not affected by a power outage in any way. Their batteries are also durable and can last long when charged.

With the rise in technology, security locks have had their share of advancement. Electronic locks have changed the security dynamics and come with multiple functions apart from protecting the doors. They elevate the appeal of the interior design of homes and can be used to boost the client’s confidence in the offices. With their features and multifunctional use, they are the best deal for any door, especially a glass door.

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