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Enhance Singapore’s Wholesale Business Using the Hash Trading System

Wholesalers are enterprises that sell goods to merchants, suppliers, manufacturing sectors, government agencies, and private institutions, among others. Products frequently travel from one location to another before reaching consumers. Untracked inventory causes costs and damages for wholesale business owners. Many wholesale business owners continue to operate their operations manually. The Hash Trading and Distribution system can assist you in digitizing your business processes. Our wholesale/distribution solution is advantageous because it allows you to comprehensively and accurately analyze your sales and purchases.

The problems in the wholesale industry must be addressed immediately since they only get more severe once significant losses emerge. Our wholesale trading distribution system makes it simple to keep track of incoming and outgoing goods for accurate documentation. Based on sales reports, you can also develop accurate sales forecasts. This application can also be used for financial management. Downloading the pricing structure from the Hash Trading Distribution system will provide additional details.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the advantages of using Hash Trading & Distribution software, as well as the software’s components.

Reason for Choosing the Hash Trading and Distribution System

HashMicro was founded in 2015 as an ERP software solution for numerous business types. Its clientele comes from a wide variety of businesses kinds. HashMicro was based in Singapore and has since expanded to Indonesia. HashMicro, which aspires to contribute to the development of the industries it serves, has more than 250 clients, including well-established businesses. One of the various products offered by HashMicro is trading and distribution software. Until losses occur, there is frequent inefficiency in the wholesale industry. Here are a few of the ways HashMicro’s wholesale software can facilitate your work:

1.   Customisation and configuration

HashMicro offers products that may be customized to meet the requirements of your business because it recognizes that the needs of each industry are distinct. Each company has a unique aim and slogan; consequently, each business is managed differently. In addition, varied organizational structures and divisional arrangements result in unique circumstances for each company. We can customize HashMicro products to the requirements of your business. A system that can be modified is essential for a wholesale business with varying needs and objectives.

2.   Innovative development

As time progresses, so does technology, which will alter how businesses operate. Businesses that can change with the times will be more successful because they can fulfill shifting customer demands. As a result, HashMicro will continue developing novel solutions to assist clients in adopting alternative software. HashMicro strives to develop its goods and services so that every industry may operate more efficiently as the variety of available company kinds grows.

3.   Best business procedures

HashMicro’s competitive advantage as a system supplier is that it employs the best business practices to ensure the system’s functionality. We will do a trial, so you can handle how the outcomes of our conversations over the software we will use will play out. All items will proceed smoothly and follow prior agreements. HashMicro will undertake all of this to ensure that its clients are delighted with its products and that the implementation of the system is error-free due to the application of sound business practices.

4.   Professional specialists

To comprehend what each consumer requires, you need an expert. HashMicro has professionals who understand your business’s requirements. This is particularly relevant given HashMicro’s more fantastic experience. HashMicro’s professionals have backgrounds in both business and technology, so they can assist you with your business strategy and technology needs. You will receive feedback on your suggestion, and that response will always be accessible. Therefore, HashMicro will attempt to determine your requirements until it discovers a solution that works for everyone.

The Advantages of Utilizing the Hash Trading and Distribution System

Trading is a highly competitive profession due to its reliance on numerous industries. In the wholesale sector, having inventory that does not match our expectations is a common issue. Due to this, you may encounter problems that make it challenging to generate revenue in your financial company. Our wholesaler software helps simplify the process of expanding your wholesale business. When utilizing our technology, you can enjoy the following advantages:

1.   Real-time report

Reports are crucial to all types of businesses. With the help of this report, you can track and monitor your sales and profits. Companies that sell significant numbers of goods and need to track their inventory want a report that is simple to locate. With real-time reporting, you can quickly and rapidly keep track of everything, allowing for the immediate execution of any necessary actions. You also use reports to make business decisions. The system provides precise information that may be reviewed at any time and location.

2.   Stock monitoring

Before reaching you, the goods pass through the hands of the distributor. Consequently, it is essential to monitor the movement of the inventory to forecast future sales. Also, we must observe the list of products that will be sent to a place to ensure they reach clients and other branches safely. HashMicro’s trading system will help you keep track of your commodities so that you do not have to worry about their security. Using this app, you may monitor your inventory in real-time.

3.   Inventory optimization

Data is one of the most crucial requirements for a business. Stock information is vital for wholesale organizations because it helps them predict their next sale. Using the Hash Trading and Distribution system, you can examine stock forecasts automatically over a specified time. This software improves the accuracy of the data. With this forecast, it will be easy to track what has to be done to ensure sufficient supply and that expenses are both high and low. This benefit is not limited to a single branch; it extends to adjacent components.

4.   Senior Analyst

Wholesale company owners are required to conduct a sales analysis. The outcomes of this business study can serve as a roadmap for future evaluations and improved sales. Hash Trading and Distribution provides a comprehensive analysis of sales results, allowing you to determine precisely which sales channels are the most productive and significantly influence product sales. You can examine each branch’s sales performance and take immediate action.

The Hash Trading and Distribution System Module

1.   CRM

Consumer data is essential for determining how to promote a product. Hash Trading and Distribution’s CRM makes managing tens of thousands of customer profiles simple and precise. Additionally, using this functionality, you may use sales applications to identify the most effective sales channels and marketing strategies. This function can also be used to examine potential consumers so that we can make more efficient sales.

2.   Financial

Invoicing and wholesale sales go hand in hand. If we purchase or sell an item, we require invoices as documentation for a report. Each transaction process has its invoice. Therefore, if we continue to perform it manually, complications may arise. With Hash Trading & Distribution, generating numerous compliant or template-based invoices takes simply a few clicks. With this tool, you can also track cash flow effectively, making it easy to monitor your money.

3.   Procurement

Every purchase must be meticulously recorded to ensure accurate costs and products. The “procurement” function of the Hash Trading and Distribution system automates the ordering of commodities and organizes each purchase request using a “layered approval matrix” to reduce waste. With this capability, you can also monitor what products are entering and leaving the warehouse. Another advantage of this approach is that it will notify you when an order is sent or received. This approach can make it easy to submit a purchase request at each branch.

4.   Inventories

Monitoring your inventory is another crucial factor to consider. Inventory items are strongly related to the longevity of the goods. Therefore if they are not maintained properly, the goods will build up and create damage because so many of them are damaged. Through the Hash Trading and Distribution Software, you will be able to view every detail about each item and automatically monitor which ones are moving slowly and which ones are moving swiftly. With this software, you can also watch your inventory by receiving alerts when supplies begin to run short. This allows you to create accurate stock estimates.

5.   Point-of-sale systems

The point-of-sale function of the Hash Trading & Distribution software can help you leverage the customer data you’ve collected to create loyalty programs that fit their tastes and enhance sales and customer retention. The second advantage of this feature is that consumers and employees may rapidly locate the things they require because stock lists and updates are real-time. This function also allows us to examine the sales of each branch. Consequently, all sales and purchases from each component can be correlated. Based on the performance of your wholesale part, we will receive an accurate report.

6.   HRM

If you wish to continue to sell your wholesale business, you must consider the health and well-being of your staff. With the Hash Trading and Distribution HRM function, you can streamline the hiring process, monitor KPIs, and handle HRD chores such as managing pay, attendance, overtime, and more. With this software, you do not have to worry about staffing your branches, as the personnel information is always current and readily accessible. This software checks employee contracts and alerts you before their expiration.


Because more and more people require goods, the wholesale company has a great deal of opportunity. Before selling the items to the supplier, the wholesaler will purchase them directly from the manufacturer. Stocking and destocking are necessary for wholesale since it affects sales and purchases. The quantity of items that must be controlled is significant. Thus they must be managed well. Due to the number of branches, manual purchase and sale results are more likely to be inaccurate if they are calculated manually.

Utilize Hash Trading and Distribution Cloud-Based by HashMicro to manage your wholesale business. This software contains a complete module. Thus it can help you manage your business using numerous applications. It is essential to digitize your operational tasks, particularly if you have many branches and consumers. You can sample a free demo of HashMicro’s Hash Trading and Distribution software to learn more.

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