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EnduraData Was Awarded a Sole Source Supplier Contract for Linux Data Replication and File Synchronization Software by Social Security Administration

America’s Social Security Administration (SSA) is the principal administrator of the country’s social security system. It is more than just a retirement program and provides several benefit packages to over 65 million people. Since its inception by President Roosevelt over eight decades ago, the SSA (then known as the Social Security Board) has been responsible for retirement, disability, and survivor benefits programs. 

Recently the SSA also undertook the Medicare program, a US federal government health insurance program for people over sixty-five, young people with disabilities, and certain people with end-stage renal disease. As a critical Federal service to Americans, the SSA requires supported and reliable solutions for their content publications and replication.

EnduraData Solutions and the SSA

The mission at EnduraData remains fast data workflow processes and protection through unstructured data replication and file synchronization. Founder and CTO of EnduraData A. El Haddi and his team of engineers understand the importance of data to establishments. The need for fast and secure deliveries, particularly in data-dependent organizations, can increase productivity and reduce costs for various businesses and organizations.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently decided to replace Attunity Repliweb Linux data replication software. The new contract was awarded to EnduraData as they met the demanding requirements of the SSA. Compared to the previous product, EnduraData has a supported solution for the data replication functionalities required by the organization.

Three SSA web environments,,, and, require EnduraData’s content publication and replication support. Critical applications like these allow the SSA to provide public-facing web content and policy information to their field offices, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) in a synchronized and safe way. 

Meeting SSA Demands

The importance of providing high-quality services to the population through the SSA led the agency to EnduraData’s software solutions. Through the applications supplied by EnduraData, the SSA can now upload content to test and review. Once ready to share on user-facing systems, the content is replicated automatically and securely to a web farm of Red Hat Linux servers.

Thanks to the past range of expertise at EndurData with NASA, NOAA, DOD, Reuters, and large healthcare businesses, EnduraData’s applications are efficient at moving and synchronizing data efficiently and on time. In addition, its reputation made the SSA’s extensive research into the market capabilities of EnduraData easier since knowledgeable advisors in government and industry knew about its capabilities and made their recommendations.

Of course, before finally awarding the contract to replace RepliWeb with EnduraData, the SSA first tested several technologies over nine months to ensure proof of concept. After the rigorous evaluation, the SSA decided that this was the superior technology to ensure they could continue providing services to millions of Americans without disruptions.

“At EnduraData, we are proud to have been nominated by SSA to provide them with our Linux data replication and file synchronization,” said A. El Haddi, CTO and Founder of EnduraData. He continued, “Their selection of our EDpCLoud is a validation of our technology and a testament to our commitment to deliver best-in-class solutions for solving the most pressing business challenges.”

Proudly EnduraData

A. El Haddi recently said, “At EnduraData, we are proud of our achievements and look forward to working with SSA as we provide our software support for their critical mission.”

Based in Minnesota, EnduraData was founded in 2006 after A. El Haddi sold his previous enterprise Constant Data. Since then, Endurdata’s unique blend of talented people has provided data and file replication and synchronization solutions to businesses and government agencies.

These cross-platform solutions keep files safe, synced, and replicated between customers’ remote offices and data centers across the globe. Furthermore, the process ensures high availability and quick disaster recovery while reducing costs.

EnduraData’s Linux replication software solutions, like automated migration capabilities, ensure smooth large-scale data deployments across diverse IT environments. Solutions include seamless data distribution and end-to-end security (including SSL/TLS encryption).

The software moves data between multiple geographic locations and operating systems and storage. The system automatically encrypts file changes to protect all shared data in transit, whether EnduraData software works on-demand, in real-time, or in scheduled mode.  

Final Take

EnduraData’s replication software has won over the SSA, the critical government agency handling some of the country’s most sensitive data.

 Get a free trial of EnduraData’s Linux data replication software today, or contact them for more details about the benefits and cost-savings of the replication software. 

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