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End Of The Year Report Card: How Did Skyward FBISD Do?

This blog post will look at Skyward FBISD and its end-of-year report card. We’ll discuss how the district did in specific areas, including enrollment growth, test scores, and more. We hope you find this post helpful as you review what your school district accomplished in 2018!

Skyward FBISD’s Overall Grade

Skyward FBISD’s Overall Grade

Overall, Skyward FBISD received a C at the end of the year report card. This is based on five grades: academics, safety and security, financial stability, community engagement, and customer service. In academics, Skyward FBISD earned a B. The lowest grade was a D in this category for Conroe ISD. Regarding safety and security, Skyward FBISD earned an A-. The only other school with this high a rating was Houston Independent School District (HISD). Financial stability has also been rated an A-. This is due to strong financial reserves and low levels of debt. In community engagement, Skyward FBISD received a B+. This is above the state average of C+. Finally, customer service was given a B+.

Academic Achievement

Skyward Public Schools had a very successful end of the year. Out of 34 schools that participated in the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), Skyward was ranked first in mathematics, second in science, and third in reading. In addition, Skyward students were also awarded more than $1 million in scholarships.

What made Skyward’s success so impressive is its focus on academics. The district has instituted a rigorous curriculum emphasizing critical thinking skills and problem-solving. This approach has paid off as students have consistently achieved high marks on statewide assessments.

Skyward’s success is a testament to its educators and staff’s work and dedication to eir efforts have led to increased academic achievement for their students, and they should be proud of themselves!

Safety and Security

Skyward Elementary School District did well regarding safety and security during the year. No major incidents occurred that harmed students or staff members, which is a testament to our employees’ hard work and dedication. Additionally, Skyward was one of only two districts out of 120 surveyed in Texas to earn an “A” grade in both Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OISP) 2017 school safety and security report card. This indicates that we have established strong policies and procedures to protect our students and staff. We want to thank our community for its support throughout the year, as it has been instrumental in maintaining a safe environment for our students.

Student Progress

Skyward FBISD performed well on the End of the Year Report Card. Overall, the school district earned a “B” grade. The most significant improvement from last year was in student academic achievement, where Skyward FBISD achieved a “B” grade instead of an “A” grade. In addition, this year, the district also achieved improvements in student attendance, suspensions, and expulsions.

Skyward FBISD had 793 students enrolled in schools during the 2017-18 school year. Of these students, 67 per cent were classified as proficient or advanced in reading levels, and 74 percent were classified as proficient or advanced in math. Additionally, 88 per cent of Skyward FBISD students were classified as meeting or exceeding standards the Texas Education Agency set in both reading and math categories.

Regarding discipline issues, Skyward FBISD had 245 disciplinary actions taken against its students during the 2017-2018 school year – which is down from 285 disciplinary actions taken last year. This decrease is likely due to interventions implemented by administrators and teachers to ensure that discipline is handled appropriately. There were 108 suspensions (down from 128) and ten expulsions (down from 12).

Finance and Budgeting

Skyward FBISD ended the year with an A in finance and budgeting. This is great news considering our district was recently recognized by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Report Card as one of the top 20 districts statewide in terms of fiscal management.

Our district’s grade is due to strong financial planning, forecasting, and reporting practices. We also utilized effective auditing processes and resource allocation strategies. Our efforts resulted in reduced expenses while maintaining or increasing services.

We will continue to focus on efficient administration and effective financial planning to maintain our high grades. We are also committed to working with outside resources to help improve our overall fiscal Footprint.

Facilities and Services

Skyward FBISD did well in terms of facilities and services.

The school district’s graduation rate was 83%, above the state average of 79%. The district also has a higher than the state average percentage of students proficient in math and science.

Some other notable statistics from Skyward FBISD include:

-The school district has an overall SAT score ranking of 5th out of 10 districts in the state

-There are 97% student satisfaction rates with the teachers at Skyward FBISD 

-In terms of safety, the district has an A rating from the Texas Education Agency.

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It’s been another great year at Skyward FBISD, and I’m so proud of our students, staff, and parents for all their hard work and dedication to making our district a success. I want to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for your support. 


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