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Encryptus Donates to the Fight Against Plastic Pollution With Plastiks


Encryptus, a leading licensed and transparent approach to crypto assets has joined Plastiks in the campaign to efficiently reduce plastic pollution. To further this objective, Encryptus donated to the cause in Ivory Coast for a cleaner environment.

By ensuring that a portion of the sale of each NFT goes to the country’s green initiatives that have a direct impact on waste reduction and improving the lives of waste pickers, Encryptus hopes to help people in developing countries become more involved and committed to the movement for a plastic-free environment.

Encryptus has been a leader in championing any project that aims at organic and recycled plastic packaging for the past few years. This is because they believe that these products have a valuable role in creating a sustainable future.

Invariably, Encryptus is dedicated to reducing plastic pollution, protecting aquatic life, and preserving the environment for future generations. 

Encryptus is a platform that offers institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, venture capitalists, asset management companies, high-net-worth individuals, and fund managers a secured desk to buy and sell crypto assets. 

Plastiks is a blockchain-based recycling NFT platform that aims at cutting down, recycling, and reusing plastic waste to form a sustainable environment. They are committed to building an innovative recycling system centered around blockchain technology.

The Plastiks platform provides a smart contract approach to a marketplace where single-use package producers and waste recovery and recycling companies can come together to mint, acquire and sell plastic disposal guarantees analogous to NFTs.

The Art of Recycling: a sustainable initiative by Plastiks hopes to make a big difference in reducing plastic pollution. It is a simple, durable, and sustainable way to get rid of plastic pollution and create transparency in the waste management process.

This initiative aims to create an ecosystem that enables brands and consumers to turn their waste into a valuable asset, thereby providing everyone with the opportunity to be part of a circular economy in a transparent and traceable way.

About Encryptus

Encryptus launched as a crypto advisory company in London in 2020 and later got approval from DMCC in 2021 for “Proprietary Trading in Crypto Commodities”. Encryptus operates on the four pillars of expertise, simplicity, compliance, and ecosystem sharing. Our mission is to empower licensed financial services companies in crypto adoption.

About Plastiks

Plastiks is the latest creation of Nozama – a pioneer startup in the digitalization of sustainability and the first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that demonstrates the commitment of companies to plastic recovery and recycling. Plastiks has managed, for the first time, to incorporate NFTs in recycling processes and at the same time offers companies committed to the environment the possibility of demonstrating it in a totally innovative way: The NFTs, backed by plastic recovery guarantees, demonstrate a more transparent value chain, while also presenting the possibility of being merged with artwork to create a more emotional link between companies, art collectors, and citizen-consumers.


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