Encore Leverages Augmented Reality To Bring Fans And Artists Together

Encore Music

Innovative interactive live music app, Encore, set to revolutionize the industry by creating a Myspace for the Metaverse that brings together artists and their fans.

Encore was co-founded by a team of passionate artists, creatives, and technology entrepreneurs, led by Award-Winning Artist Kid Cudi, with the goal of democratizing the music industry. Described as the “Myspace for the Metaverse,” it allows users to step away from the sci-fi concept of digital escapism, enabling them to find the balance between authentic reality and unbounded digital creation that will be utilitarian and socially enriching.

The interactive music app was designed to create a middle class of artists using a proprietary Augmented Reality technology from the makers, ultimately connecting artists directly with their fans through interactive, live mobile experiences.

A major question we’re answering on Encore is what is live music in the metaverse? When looking at music production currently we have traditional live performance, music video production, and social media streaming/creator platforms. Through Encore, we want to capture the energy and connection between fan and artist of live shows, by not replacing the human and creating more opportunity for meaningful engagement, as well as open the doors to unique-to-you visuals that will elevate your live performance to the next level through augmented reality,” said So-Hee Woo, Head of XR.

Overview Of The Global Music Industry

The global music industry has continued to evolve over the years, thanks to the emergence of thousands of talented acts from different parts of the world delivering content to meet the needs of listeners. The industry has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar market with different categories of stakeholders contributing their quota to the development of the music scene. Unfortunately, the most important part of the industry – the fans, still struggle to connect with their favorite acts. On the flip side, artists, especially up-and-coming acts, demand a more effective way of engaging their audience, with the restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic bringing to bear this fact. However, there are not enough platforms that offer these features in one place, which is where Encore is looking to make a difference.

Features Of Encore

Encore serves as the Metaverse for Music Artists, offering a space that allows artists to create a digital home base that will be the hub of every aspect of their digital persona/digital footprint. It serves as more than a platform for artists to engage music lovers, as it also creates an amazing opportunity for budding acts to make a living through their talent and make a career out of it. The music-first creator platform enables artists to interact with fans, create unique visuals, drop exclusive new music and stream live AR shows, from any part of the world, irrespective of the time.

The music app practically puts a live production studio in the pocket of artists while empowering them to directly monetize their talent and grow their fanbase worldwide. It also offers an unprecedented opportunity for fans to connect with their favorite musicians and discover their newest projects.

Encore is user-friendly and has an easy-to-navigate interface for all categories of users. It also has the “Clap” functionality, which is the fans’ way of showing support for artists, enabling them to attend shows and send chats.

The Team Behind The Encore Project

Encore boasts of a team of forward-thinking professionals, including award-winning Artist Kid Cudi (Chief Creative Officer), Hollywood Producer, Screenwriter and Director Ian Edelman (President), and Technology Entrepreneur Jonathan Gray (CEO), leveraging their diverse background and love for music to chart a new course in the industry.

Encore is available to download with a code, see the Instagram page:

For more information about Encore and to join the revolutionary metaverse, visit – The Encore app is currently available on Google Play and the App Store

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