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Encompass Corporation celebrates leading women on International Women’s Day 

Encompass Corporation celebrates leading women on International Women’s Day 

To inspire females to embrace technology and the sector’s opportunities this International Women’s Day, Encompass Corporation, the provider of the leading Know Your Customer (KYC) automation platform, has shone a light on just a few of its leading women by celebrating the stories and successes of Head of People Joanna Kori, VP of Customer Success & Delivery Nicola Pickering, and Head of Data Sources Cyndi Festa. 

Speaking to TechBullion, they discussed how Encompass, and its culture, has supported them and brought opportunities to thrive their way, as well as what makes the growing technology industry so appealing. 

Nicola Pickering, VP of Customer Success & Delivery for Encompass, said: “Encompass has given me the autonomy and support to define the customer service strategy to allow our technology to shine. This has not only challenged me and my teams, but we have also had the space to grow as we define and build out the strategy – something which you don’t always get at such a fast-paced, evolving organisation. 

 “There’s so much possibility to achieve in the tech industry and, with the evolution of flexible working, inclusion for women is greater than ever before, meaning they can fulfil exciting career ambitions while maintaining the positive work-life balance that many look for,” she added. 

 Cyndi Festa, Head of Data Sources, said: “Technology is a discipline, and the logical thinking of a technologist applies to a significant proportion of your life – it’s everywhere. Being more familiar with it has helped me engage with others and achieve so much in my life.  

 “Encompass breaks down the traditional barriers with its communication and setup. Here, I can influence in a shorter period of time compared to some organisations. Encompass is truly a sponge – people are willing to absorb and learn, so that influence and growth is encouraged. The culture is what has benefitted me the most,” she continued.  

 Joanna Kori, Head of People said: “The ethical lens in RegTech brings with it an awareness of a range of considerations based on fairness for the individual as well as the business, which benefits everyone, including women.”  

 Kori added: “It is important for women to be open and proactive about making technology work for them and their lives, and following this through this has given me a terrific career, wellbeing and lifestyle balance from day one.”  

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