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Employing An International Staff: What To Consider

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The world has grown closer in a professional sense due to technology. Communication is now seamless whether you are virtually meeting with a person in the US or around the world. Finding top talent around the world can help save money when compared to hiring for the same position domestically. There are differences between having people in the office and those working remotely from another country. You want to hold employees accountable regardless of their work environment. The following are things that you need to consider when employing a staff that spans multiple continents. 

Motivation Styles

Employees from around the world might need to be motivated in various ways. There are some cultures where managers are far harsher than others. You always want to be respectful of other cultures though. Showing respect for a culture could mean giving different holidays for domestic and international employees. The Chinese New Year is a great example of a holiday that leads to a number of those in China not working for around a week. The importance of respecting cultural differences also matters when doing business. There are certain things that are done like drinking tea together in some cultures. Refusing this tea or even extending your hand for a handshake can be viewed as an insult. 

Getting Important Documents Translated 

Legal document translation is going to be of paramount importance when sending out employment contracts. The last thing you want is to lose a top employee due to a mistake in translation. You also want employee handbooks to be as clear as possible by translating them into the languages that your staff speaks. Find a professional service to do this to make sure all employees understand important policies. 

Finding The Right Project Management Software

Communication across an organization needs to be streamlined. The last thing any company wants is to miss an important deadline due to poor communication efforts. Without being in a physical office, it is more important than ever to make priorities as clear as possible. Take the time to train all employees on this software so there are no mistakes. Most project management software is going to be pretty intuitive to most employees that have used similar tools in the past. 

Setting weekly priorities is going to be important, especially with deadlines approaching. The right set of priorities can help keep the staff on track. You also want staff to be willing to ask for help if they are stuck on something in particular. 

Getting A Manager For All International Employees

There are some tasks that might get lost in translation leading them to be done incorrectly. Hiring an employee to manage international employees can be very important. Consider giving the potential hire a pre-employment assessment from eSkill’s skills test library to get a better idea of their personality and experience before you extend an offer. The manager does not have to be full-time and can be a freelancer with experience managing people from particular countries. If expanding to another country, this person can be a valuable resource for information. 

International employees can bring a different perspective to a business. Utilize the talent around the world to take your business to the next level.

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