eMove360° Europe 2023 Highlights: Paris Rhône’s Innovative Sustainable Solutions

From October 17th to 19th, eMove360°Europe 2023 unfolded its doors in Munich, providing a stage for visionaries in the realm of future mobility solutions. Among them, Paris Rhône, a distinguished energy technology company specializing in home battery storage and EV charging, showcased its cutting-edge series of sustainable solutions, addressing the escalating demand for effective renewable energy integration.

Paris Rhône’s Presence at eMove360°Europe 2023

Nestled in booth No. A6.619, Paris Rhône curated an immersive experience at eMove360° Europe 2023, unveiling a diverse array of charging and energy storage products. Among the offerings were AC/DC EV chargers and balcony solar battery systems, each equipped with various capacities and features. The richness of their showcase captivated the audience, with attendees engaging in detailed discussions with the on-site staff about product properties and potential applications.

Balcony Solar Battery System From Paris Rhône: A Game-Changer

Among the stars of the eMove360°Europe 2023 was Paris Rhône’s balcony solar battery system, a home battery storage solution that garnered significant attention. This innovative product captures excess solar energy and seamlessly integrates it into household energy systems, providing users with a reliable and sustainable energy source, especially during the night.

  1. Balcony Battery Storage System

The home battery storage system for balcony use features an expandable capacity of 2240 Wh- 6720 Wh and a high power output of 1000W PV output, ensuring the efficiency of solar energy storage and household energy use. Considering its operational requirements, the balcony solar battery system’s safety and reliability are safeguarded by LiFePO4 batteries, IP67 waterproof rating, over 10 years lifespan, and 6000+ cycles designs.

  1. Wall Mounted Battery Storage System

The wall-mounted PEX-WM6.66 battery storage system is an on-grid energy storage solution with wide compatibility with inverters. It features an ultimately thin design to optimize space usage while providing more than 6000 life cycles and efficient energy storage with the high-tech BYD blade battery module. Moreover, it supports intelligent battery management systems to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and thermal stress and afford extra safety protection to users.

Whether it is the balcony-stationed battery storage system or the wall-mounted version, being easy to install and use is among users’ top concerns. Rest assured, Paris Rhône has taken it seriously to ensure home battery storage is not a burden for families intending to go solar for sustainability and energy independence. The compact design with a plug-and-play feature has dramatically enhanced the ease of installation. In addition, multiple working modes and smart remote control functions are supported. All contribute to battery storage’s role as an indispensable part of smart and sustainable home energy storage systems for the years to come.

EV Charger Advancements by Paris Rhône

l Paris Rhône’s Cutting-Edge EV Charging Solutions

AC EV chargers on demonstration at the Paris Rhône’s booth feature various wattages, including 7 KW and 11 KW. Paris Rhône aims to provide affordable and diversified products to satisfy various requirements on compatibility, charging speed, safety, etc.

The DC EV chargers by Paris Rhône support fast and robust charging and feature wattage of 160 KW and 120 KW. They can withstand voltages ranging from 100 to 1000V and ensure a maximum output current of 200A. To ensure safety while reducing failure and maintenance costs, Paris Rhône has designed EV chargers to resist water, collision, fire, and electric shock. The EV chargers can also be conveniently controlled via mobile apps to set schedules and track data with minimum hassle.

l Paris Rhône’s Contribution to Efficient EV Charging

Paris Rhône has been an experienced and prominent manufacturer of EV chargers for years. Other than the features mentioned above, EV chargers by Paris Rhône are meticulously designed to maintain stable power charging at different temperatures and voltages and have low heat loss and heat dissipation, helping to secure a stable power supply with low operational costs. Paris Rhône is dedicated to endowing EV charging with more accessibility and adaptability and, by doing this, adding more momentum to the sustainable mobility revolution.

eMove360° Europe 2023 and Electronic Mobility

Once and again, eMove360° Europe has consolidated its status as the leading trade fair and communication foundation for professionals in electronic mobility sectors of battery, fuel cell, electric and autonomous mobility, and charging and energy. It has set itself to promote renewable energies and their smart and sustainable applications in the future of electronic transportable systems.

Paris Rhône: A Century of Innovation

Paris Rhône has been a leading EV charger company and a reliable portable power station supplier since its establishment in Paris in 1915. Over the past century, it has accumulated rich experience and relations with over 200 partners around the globe. During this period, this company has never forgotten its long-term dedication to innovation regarding EV chargers, home battery storage systems, and portable power stations. Paris Rhône aims to achieve optimal ESS product performance and the highest customer satisfaction!

Visitors to Paris Rhône’s exhibit at eMove360°Europe 2023 witnessed firsthand how their revolutionary energy storage systems can contribute to building energy independence and fueling sustainable drives. Paris Rhône invites you to explore the possibilities of a greener and more sustainable future.

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