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Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable groups? Or help SMEs working with people in risk situations? EMIP has made this dream a reality through their specialized digital archiving solution, eMIP Arch.

The eMIP platform is dedicated to digitizing organizational processes that are run by small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations and educational entities. And with the eMIP Arch digital archiving solution, they have made it easier than ever to communicate efficiently, while keeping all data stored safely.

Introduction to eMIP and the eMIP Arch Digital Archiving Solution:

Are you looking to digitize your organizational processes, while also creating a sustainable development of society? Enter eMIP—a B2B SaaS solution that provides just that. Founded by the eMIP Association, this platform is the perfect digital archiving tool for SMEs, nonprofit organizations and those in vulnerable or risk situations.

eMIP Arch is designed to help digitize and streamline the organization’s processes, thus making their operations run more efficiently. It provides an end-to-end digital archiving solution for documents, emails, and files. eMIP Arch simplifies access to stored documents or materials with an intuitive search engine. Plus, it allows users to organize data into collections, configures permission levels for access control and ensures safe document destruction when needed.

Overview of the Features and Benefits of eMIP Arch:

The eMIP Arch solution is more than just an archiving tool—it’s a powerful digital solution for the sustainable development of society. It offers you the secure storage to easily and quickly access your documents and media content, while keeping it organized in an intuitive way.

Aside from secure data storage, eMIP Arch also provides the following features and benefits:

  • Automated data processing of files and documents
  • Streamlined documentation processes that simplify document archiving
  • Comprehensive data backup and recovery systems
  • Enhanced workflow automation tools to improve productivity
  • Fast document searching capabilities to quickly find the right file or image

Understanding the Elements of a Digital Archiving Solution:

When it comes to digital archiving, the right solution will have three main elements: a secure repository, robust search capabilities, and automated processes.

Secure Repository:

It’s critical that any digital archiving solution you choose has a secure repository. This is where all of your documents, records and other information will be stored so that only authorized personnel can access them. The eMIP Arch platform provides an encryption-based system that ensures that all of your data remains safe and secure no matter where it is stored.

Robust Search Capabilities:

Having the ability to quickly locate and retrieve documents or records can be a life-saver! The eMIP Arch platform provides advanced search tools that enable you to quickly locate any document or record within seconds from any device. You can also filter through the data using specific criteria such as date or keyword.

Automated Processes:

The last element of a successful digital archiving solution is automation. Automated processes help streamline your workflow by automatically creating and managing documents and records according to certain rules or criteria. This eliminates manual tasks such as filing, sorting or locating documents, freeing up more time for your staff to focus on more important tasks. The eMIP Arch platform offers automated functions such as automatic document routing, user roles and access management, automated document approvals and so much more!

How eMIP Arch Can Help SMEs Employ People in Risk Situations?

If you employ people in risk situations, you can benefit from the eMIP Arch digital archiving solution. The eMIP ASSOCIATION offers 1+2 licenses, which means that SMEs that employ people in at-risk situations can get three free licenses.

This offer is extended to assist these groups with their digital archiving needs, allowing them access to an automated platform for organizing and managing documents, emails, and various other data formats. It also provides enhanced security features and supports 24/7 access from any device connected to the internet – all without having to invest in costly software licenses or training programs.

The eMIP Arch platform makes it easier for SMEs to store, organize and share information securely – essential for organizations trying to ensure GDPR compliance and other important regulations. Additionally, the platform helps them automate processes for document retention, removing manual labor from data storage activities. To make sure that the license is being used by the correct organization or individual in risk situation, the eMIP Association monitors license usage closely.

By providing an effective digital archiving solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional means of document management, eMIP Arch helps SMEs employing people in risk situations achieve their objectives securely and efficiently.

Exploring the Educational License Offered by EMIP Association:

The EMIP Association offers an educational license program for those belonging to vulnerable groups and facing risk situations. With the help of this program, you can access the eMIP Arch digital archiving solution.

You have to acquire such a license if you’re an SME that employs people from certain vulnerable or risk groups. The eMIP Association offers 1+2 licenses for this purpose – essentially, if you opt for the educational license, you receive two additional free licenses in addition to your own.

By acquiring this educational license, you gain access to eMIP Arch – a digital archiving solution developed by EMIP that helps SMEs and non-profit organizations digitize their processes in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

How to Access eMIP Arch With an Educational License?

eMIP Arch is fully accessible with an educational license. Those who acquire the license will receive a 1+2 subscription, which includes access to the platform as well as two additional licenses for people belonging to vulnerable groups in risk situations.

This means that you’ll be able to provide your employees, who belong to these vulnerable sectors and risk situations, with access to eMIP Arch alongside all of its benefits.

The educational license also includes access to our tutorials and other training materials related to digital archiving solutions. This will ensure that your employees have all the necessary resources and expertise needed for successful digital archiving.

Furthermore, the educational license will provide your employees with access to our virtual community where they can connect with other users and professionals in the field, discuss best practices and share valuable insights on digital archiving solutions.

Here is the list of some users who already use B2B solutions from eMIP: EURO JOBS SRL.


eMIP Arch is the perfect solution for any organization – big or small – looking to digitally archive their documents and data. Not only is it simple to use and reliable, but with an educational license offered by the EMIP Association to those in vulnerable or at-risk situations, it’s an accessible and affordable option. The eMIP ecosystem is focused on sustainability, helping SMEs stay organized and efficient while they employ and help those in need.

So, whether you’re looking to streamline your processes, better organize your data, or help those in need, eMIP Arch is the perfect solution. Check it out today, and start your journey towards a more sustainable organization.

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