Emerging NFT Project, NFT Kings is Set to Sell Off the Last 4000 Pieces of its Collections 

NFT Project

Per a recent press release, NFT Kings—a collection of 5000 unique and well-crafted NFTs—has announced its decision to sell off the last 4000 pieces of the famous NFT Kings Crown Pass. Owners of these NFTs will enjoy a ton of benefits, ranging from access to an exclusive Discord server to an NFT investors group where they can connect, network, and share ideas with like-minded individuals. 

According to the development team, each NFT Kings Crown Pass has a mint price of 1 ETH and the more NFTs bought, the more you rank higher in the NFT Kings ladder board. The Kings, the highest-ranking members in the ecosystem, have joined forces and have used a large percentage of proceeds accrued from the sale of Crown Passes to create what it calls a “King’s Chest”. 

Talks are underway to launch a DAO as well. 

The King’s Chest 

While an initial percentage of 50% was allocated for the King’s Chest, the development team has upped it to 80%, thus guaranteeing holders of NFT Kings Crown Pass a percentage claim to the value of the Chest. 

Blazing off on an untrodden path, NFT Kings has introduced the unique concept of tithing and, according to the aforementioned source, the King’s Chest will hold 10% of all total revenue generated from the sale of these NFTs. This is part of the team’s long-term strategy to provide more wealth and riches to owners of Crown Passes. 

NFT Kings Crown Pass owners who either sell off or transfer their NFTs will be immediately and automatically kicked out of the Discord server. If they repurchase another Crown Pass, they will be added back, however, if they don’t, they will miss out on the great benefits and rewards that have been outlined and ready to be released by the founding team. In addition, selling off Crown Passes will relinquish your entrance into the NFT Kings chat group where key information about upcoming projects is shared. 

A Sustainable Way to Amass Wealth 

Integrating a sustainable wealth creation system, the founding team has adopted the unparalleled concept of the Trinity Growth Technique. This model will require each member to agree, wholeheartedly, to purchase three sets of NFTs for any of the projects that have been agreed upon by the Crown. 

While you may buy as many as you want, you will be required to sell one of the NFTs. This is stipulated to enable you to recoup the funds spent on the three NFTs. Furthermore, you may decide to either sell off the second NFT for profit or hold it after a specific period, the same as the third NFT. This model, according to the NFT Kings team, is a highly effective and majestic way to amass wealth and riches over time. 

PrizeMap and Roadmap 

In yet another impressive manner, NFT Kings has introduced PrizeMaps—the first of its kind in the NFT space. This map, as revealed on the project website, contains exclusively laid out contests and giveaways for all NFT Kings Crown Pass holders. After each sales milestone is reached and exceeded, the founding team will, per the PrizeMap, organize giveaways and contests where members can win thousands of dollars, NFTs, BTC, and other special prizes. 

A feasible and clear roadmap has also been released by the team. Comprising new ideas and innovations to be launched in the coming months, the NFT Kings team is on the lookout for more ways to incentivize its Crown Pass holders, cementing its current stance as one of the most rewarding and beneficial NFT projects. 

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