EMCD Pool Review: The Crypto Mining Ecosystem

The Crypto Mining Ecosystem

Miners are an essential key to a well-functioning proof-of-work blockchain. Some of the most popular blockchains, like BTC, BCH, LTC, etc. run on a proof-of-work protocol that rely on miners to secure the network by solving puzzles and forming blocks. Miners provide a huge value to blockchains by supporting the ecosystem and promoting decentralization.

By 2022, the mining of the most popular cryptocurrencies has become industrial, meaning that the individual miner is going to struggle to make any money against the big farms. This is where mining pools come in! 

Mining pools are a joint group of crypto miners who combine computational resources over a network in order to increase the probability of finding a block of transaction and then receiving the rewards. Those rewards are then shared among the mining pool whose computational resources were used. While mining pool users aren’t getting the whole of the block rewards, the majority of users still make a profit off of participating in the pool.

There are many possible mining pools to use, but not all of them are safe or charge low enough commission to make it worth being a part of the pool. We’re here to talk about one mining pool that is climbing the ranks: EMCD mining pool – which has a zero-issue record and avoided temporary downtime issues that some of their competitors experienced last year.  

EMCD Mining Pool

EMCD is one of the 10 largest bitcoin mining pools in the world, according to Miningpoolstats, and offers some of the lowest commission rates among their competitors. Besides those key points, EMCD also stands out from its peers due to their 24/7 multilingual support and their whole ecosystem approach to mining pools. 

What to look for in a mining pool?

When looking at a mining pool to join, it’s crucial to focus on several factors like hashrate level and commissions. EMCD has some of the lowest commissions on the market at 1.5%. Since you will be making a profit from participating in the mining pool, you also want to look at the stability of the service, the regularity of the payments, and how you can receive those payments. 

The EMCD Mining Pools runs on the FPPS+ rewards system – widely considered as the model with the highest return, and you can withdraw your funds once a day, either to a cryptocurrency storage wallet or exchange it for fiat to be directly deposited into your account. But one of the most appealing qualities of the EMCD is the whole ecosystem. 

EMCD has built an entire ecosystem to help the users of their mining pool navigate quicker, as all solutions can be found in the ecosystem. The user interface is well-designed, intuitive, and convenient. You can easily find anything in the ecosystem with the user-friendly interface, like the Coinhold service. Coinhold can bring earnings of up to 12.7% per annum on cryptocurrencies. EMCD has free withdrawals to external wallets and a minimum withdrawal threshold of 0.001 BTC.

The service has cryptocurrency storage wallets, a mobile application, and services to help you minimize losses when the BTC rate falls. EMCD has custom firmware that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your hashrate. And if you’re not sure how to use the ecosystem, there are detailed instructions and an extensive FAQ section. 

There are more than 115,000 clients already using the pool with more than 165,000 connected devices. You can easily connect your own device and get your friends started as well. There is a referral program that rewards users for inviting new users who join. If you would like to connect to the ECMD mining pool, sign up with promo code TECH30.


With many coins to mine in the EMCD ecosystem including BTC, ETH, DOGE, DASH, BCH, TRON, and more, users can increase their daily profits. The entire ecosystem provides you with all the tools you need to easily receive your passive income, as well as hedge risks. Users can feel safe as there is round-the-clock user support in multiple languages. All of this combined with a stable network that avoids significant downtime make the EMCD mining pool ecosystem a convenient and safe solution to earn passive income on your cryptocurrency. 

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