Embracing the Digital Age: The Role of Technology in The Islamic Practice of Qurbani


What is the Digital Age?

The digital age refers to the time we are currently living in – we place heavy reliance on digital systems and online methods of communication, which has affected work, schooling, and leisure activities. Find out more about the Digital Age.


Qurbani is an Islamically religious practice performed every year by millions of Muslims around the world. While it is a simple act of sacrificing an animal, the meaning behind it is enormous. Qurbani and the sacrificing of the animal symbolize and commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim when he was willing to surrender his son for God’s sake.

Giving Qurbani

Qurbani must be given by all Muslims who are sane, adult and able to pay it. Qurbani can be given at any time during the year to gain reward, but it is obligatory for Muslims to give it once a year in Dhul Hijjah: the final month of the Islamic calendar.

Which Animals Can be Given for Qurbani?

  • Sheep aged 1+ (for one person’s Qurbani)

  • Goats aged 1+ (for one person’s Qurbani)

  • Buffalo aged 2+ (for seven people’s Qurbani)

  • Cows aged 2+ (for seven people’s Qurbani)

  • Camels aged 5+ (for seven people’s Qurbani)

The animals must not be too thin or ill. They must be able to walk themselves to the site of slaughter, must not be blind or one-eyed, must not be toothless, and must not have a weak leg that makes them unable to walk. These are the criteria for animals to be slaughtered for Qurbani. Click here to read more about the Qurbani rules.

The Qurbani meat, once the animal is slaughtered, will be given in three parts: one for the person, one for their family, and one part to be given to poor people.

Role of Technology in Qurbani

Thanks to technology in recent years, including online payment methods, people are able to pay for their Qurbani quickly and efficiently, which has resulted in more Qurbani being given. It is not only Qurbani, but also many other things that have improved since the introduction of online payment methods, such as general charity donations.

Online Payments

The introduction of online payments and payment systems have facilitated more Qurbani being performed. This has been a great benefit for online organisations who raise funds for Qurbani. With the rise of secure and reliable payment platforms and methods, Muslims can make their payments for Qurbani in safe and effective ways, without worrying about having the need for physical cash payments.

Such payments can be made straight from the comfort of their homes, which saves effort, time, and money. Today, Qurbani collection fundraisers can accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, as well as other methods of online payments.

It is important to note, however, that there may be fraudulent fundraisers and Qurbani collections, so one should take all necessary precautions before paying charities and organisations. Qurbani scams may include inadequate animals being sacrificed, being overcharged or Qurbani meat being given at the wrong time.

Internet Support

In this digital age that we live in, we have access to almost anything on the internet. Through the use of the internet and online sites, one can find out more about Qurbani, such as the story behind it, or how to give it, which shows how the internet facilitates Qurbani and other general charity donating.

Overall, the internet and the use of online payment methods in the digital world have led to efficient Qurbani giving – it allows payment to be given online, it provides further information, and many key features. Due the this, Qurbani has never been more accessible and impactful.

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