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Embrace Timeless Classics: Guide to Different Types of Fashion

Embrace Timeless Classics: Guide to Different Types of Fashion

With the fastest-growing industry being the fashion industry, a few styles remain timeless. The western culture has been a source of influence for our country; however, we have kept a few styles of culture intact and proudly wear them. Get an amazing wear collection with LittleBox India coupons through Cashaly to save more.There is a huge range of styles that are timeless and loved by the majority of the population.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about a guide to different types of timeless fashion.

Let’s Talk About Types of Timeless Fashion

Let us go through different types of styles that are timeless, and you can wear them irrespective of any ongoing trends.

For men

For men

Here is a list of never-go-off clothes or garments for men that look amazing.

Kurta and Pyjama

Kurta pyjamas are the most common and popular ethnic wear among men. Be it any occasion related to a wedding or pooja, men pick out the best kurta pyjamas available in various styles now. This outfit is available in various fabrics; however, the most recommended and suitable fabric is cotton. It is also available in several colours and prints for every occasion.

Dhoti and Mundu

Dhoti and Mundu is the most popular menswear in south India, in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Dhoti is a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist and legs in a specific way. Whereas Mundu is a white cloth that is draped around the waist. This wonderful menswear is a formal dress from South India that they prefer wearing on various occasions.


We all have heard about sherwani and have seen people wearing sherwani at weddings most of the time. The sherwani is the long coat that is worn over a kurta and pyjamas. The coat is usually knee-length and is available in various patterns. You can find subtle colours more attractive to vibrant colours like maroon or red that makes them look more elegant.


Bandhgala is more famous in Rajasthan, where people wear a short coat-like garment with a collarless neck. It is worn over a shirt and pants, making it look perfect and elegant for different occasions and formal meetings. It is available in various subtle and bright colours with a fine and durable fabric.

Nehru Jacket

The Nehru Jacket became a popular trend in India, where people wear cut-sleeve jackets over their pants and shirt, or kurta pyjamas. It is the best outfit, as it goes with both traditional and formal outfits. This is an amazing timeless outfit that can be worn in numerous combinations, making it look more attractive.

For Women


Here is a list of never-go-off clothes or garments for women that enhance every look.


The saree has been in our country for centuries and is still preferred more when it comes to cultural functions. It has been our culture for years now and has developed so much in terms of fashion. It is a 5.5-metre-long cloth like a sheet that is draped around the waist, with the remaining part taken over one shoulder. This is the standard way of wearing a saree; however, different cities and cultures follow different ways to drape a saree.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is another timeless garment that is and will always be loved by women. It is the most comfortable ethnic wear for men, where the upper is known as kameez and the bottom is known as salwar. Salwar is usually a patiala salwar with curtain-like curves. It is tied around the waist with the help of a drawstring or elastic.

Lehenga Choli

The most popular outfit for women in Rajasthan and Gujarat is the lehenga choli. It is a long skirt and a short blouse decorated beautifully with embroidery or stones. Modern fashion is available in various styles, colours, and fabrics. Lehenga choli is the first preference of women when it comes to attending a family wedding.

Ghagra Choli

Ghagra choli is famously worn in Navratri during Garba, which is a Gujarati celebration in the form of dance. It is a long skirt with a blouse that gives an amazing look with a dupatta. It is also decorated in different styles and patterns, making it more beautiful. The skirt has numerous pleats to make it look more attractive.


Kurti is one of the most comfortable pieces of traditional women’s clothing. It can be knee-length or below and be worn with different bottoms like jeans, leggings, palazzos, skirts, and pants. It comes in different styles, patterns, colours, and fabrics and is the go-to garment for women in the summer. It gives a traditional and decent look, adding more to your personality.

Timeless Accessories

Here is a list of never-go-off accessories that make you different.


Bindi is a colourful sticky accessory that sticks to the forehead between the eyebrows. It comes in various shapes and sizes; however, the most common shape is circular, and the colour is red or maroon, worn by married women. Unmarried women can also put bindis on their foreheads, which enhances their overall look with traditional wear.


Bangles have been an essential accessory for married women, mostly. Earlier, the material used to make bangles was glass; however, with the advent of technology, bangles can now be found in various materials like metal, plastic, and others. Girls also like to wear bangles at weddings or bracelets for daily wear.


As soon as a baby is born, a sanskar is performed after a few months, known as kanchheda. Earlier, this sanskar was also common for baby boys; however, as modernity came to our country, it became less important for boys, and now mostly baby girls are blessed with it. This states that earrings are one of the timeless accessories that remain in the books of fashion.


Similar to earrings, necklaces are another piece of jewellery that adds more beauty to your overall outfit. Earlier, necklaces were worn only with traditional outfits, but now, with the concept of western jewellery, you can wear necklaces with western dresses as well.


Anklets, or payal, have also been an integral part of our culture. This is a type of jewellery that is worn on the ankles. Usually, the material used for payal or pajeb is made of silver, but it is also available in artificial materials like metal. It can be heavy or very light, as per people’s preferences.


In this blog, we have discussed the guide to different types of timeless fashion. Here, we have talked about the cultural fashion that never goes off. In weddings or any cultural event, people love to get their ethics on display. Enjoy your daily wear ethnic collection with Ajio Coupon Codes through Cashaly. Another major part of fashion is that the fabric our country has always preferred is cotton. Therefore, it is better and more sustainable to always opt for cotton or natural fabric. We must keep up with these timeless fashion trends and stay rooted in our ethics.

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