Embr Plans To Build Crypto Products That Will Set A New Standard In DeFi

Decentralized finance entered the financial world as a game-changer, displacing traditional finance. Several startups have begun to solve a problem plaguing conventional financial services by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Traditional finance is influenced by centralization, the middleman system used by conventional banking institutions, a lack of privacy, government intervention, central banking policies, and many other factors.

Decentralized finance heralded a new era of governance decentralization, the end of the third-party system, a trustless and contactless method of financial transactions, transparency, data integrity, and security. As a result, most people are gradually moving away from “centralized platforms” like banks and other traditional banking institutions. Instead, they’ve begun to embrace the idea of a blockchain-based future of finance with no centralized control, where all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. However, although decentralization has spread to other industries, there are still issues, such as the emergence of subpar crypto projects in the DeFi world. 

However, blockchain ecosystems are creating innovative and fluid crypto products that will set a standard for the quality of projects accepted in the Crypto world. This article will look at Embr, an innovative CeDeFi ecosystem that aims to set new standards for crypto products.

The Embr CeDeFi Ecosystem

Embr is a new and innovative CeDeFi gateway that aims to revolutionize the DeFi world by setting a standard for quality crypto products. Embr seeks to provide users with a fantastic user experience and a variety of  crypto products, thus creating a solid ecosystem supported by its native token $EMBR. Furthermore, the Embr Ecosystem provides its users with unique features such as:

Embr App

The Embr App would support over 300 tokens and debut on the Binance Smart Chain. According to an official announcement by the Embr team, the app will allow you to quickly track your digital assets and customize their home screen to display only the critical information. Another feature to be launched soon is the Embr swap, which allows users to swap EMBR for BNB or convert it to USDT.

Embr IDO Launchpad

Embr IDO Launchpad helps DeFi projects to raise funds and resources they need to go from the ideation stage to launch. Every DeFi project on the Embr IDO launchpad is vetted before being listed on the platform’s IDO launchpad to ensure its legitimacy and credibility. Users can also participate in next-generation DeFi projects with reasonable vesting schedules before they get listed on exchanges.

Embr Vault

Embr token vaults were created to protect the interests of early $Embr investors by instituting a reasonable vesting schedule, preventing early buyers from dumping the token and causing the price to crash while the token is still in its early stages. The vesting schedule is in two forms. First, there is the private presale with a nine-month vesting schedule of 11% and another vesting schedule of 15% for six months for the public presale to prevent market dilution and exits before realizing the ecosystem’s vision. It’s worth noting that Embr’s vault contracts and vesting are built from the ground up and rigorously audited by This demonstrates Embr’s ecosystem’s dedication to the security of its users’ digital assets. So, the three proprietary smart contracts that power the Embr ecosystem are the token contract, the Vault contract, and the crowdsale contract, and they’ve all been thoroughly audited.

Closing Thoughts

The Embr ecosystem appears to be going above and beyond to provide its users with fluid and innovative crypto products that will set a standard for how quality a blockchain ecosystem should be. As a result, Embr appears to be well-positioned to become one of the leading DeFi ecosystems.

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