Embark By Status – A Decentralized Application that Facilitates The Development of Web3

Ethereum is the most common protocol around blockchain today and owing to its numerous benefits and advantages, it can stand tall and tower above all other digital finance and digital asset protocols.

Embark is a very special decentralized Application and in the world of Decentralised applications, Embark has been able to stand out as a front-line player. It is a unique framework that is coming on board with so much power. It has a very fast processing speed and is at the same time easy to operate and go around. Embark is helping in the patronage and assignment of several forms of Decentralised Applications. It is still a major promotion platform for the Ethereum.

A Social Media Platform Like No Other

Status, on the other hand, is a newly introduced tool to help the functionality of the internet. It is an application that operates with the Ethereum. Status provides a platform that allows users to chat like any other social media platform. Users of Status are also able to carry out transactions based on the Ethereum. Coming as one of the decentralized applications on the blockchain (DApps), Status seeks to preserve and attain some imports which include the protection of user and client privacy, and reducing the existing high risk of censorship. Transactions carried out on the Status platform will invariably enhance trade and other economic activities. Being a decentralized app (DApp), Status allows for large-scale participation and contribution by various users on the platform.

Easily Accessible

Embark aims at fostering a very decentralized web operation. This high-level decentralization allows application engineers and programmers easy access to the software and the ability to make adaptations and modifications to the protocol and application, especially as it deals with on-web functionality.

Token Out

Status hit the market with an amazingly successful sale of its SNT token very recently. The sale which took place in less than 24 hours was so big that it made over $100 million worth of Ether. It is pecked to participate and feature very actively and prominently in the Mainnet Beta coming up soon.

Embark by status will be coming with a whole lot more of projects and will encourage a great pack of very experienced programmers and developers to come on board. It will enable programmers to move from the common proof-of-concept to a new process of transaction confirmation. It is envisaged that this unique decentralized app will give us a largely improved web3 experience.

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