ELONN.AI Goes Global As Smart Valor Partners with Burrito Wallet

ELONN.AI Goes Global As Smart Valor Partners with Burrito Wallet

Smart Valor, a Swiss crypto-AI platform, has announced a transformative partnership with Burrito Wallet, Bithumb, and the Smart Valor-powered AI Investment Agent ELONN.AI. The news has driven a bullish sentiment around Smart Valor’s $VALOR token, which has seen a healthy spike in its price over the past seven days. 

How Will $VALOR Respond To The Burrito Wallet Integration? 

According to data from CoinGecko, $VALOR, Smart Valor’s native utility token, has a market capitalization of over $7.5 million and a fairly consistent 24-hour trading volume. Its price surge in December last year saw it rise from $0.12 to well over $0.21 by early January. 

However, profit-taking ensued, and its price moved back towards $0.12. In the past week, another healthy boost in trading volume pushed the token above $0.16, which has since been followed by a stabilization at around $0.15. There appears to be a strong support level at $0.12, which has held firm for several months, while resistance appears to be around $0.16. 

If the resistance is broken due to growing trading volume during the Burrito Wallet integration, then we could see $VALOR break through several resistance bands and move above its multi-month high of $0.22.

In the previous bull market cycles, $VALOR holders have seen their positions over 8X in value, for example, in 2021, when the token price went from $0,19 to $1,53. With the company moving into AI technology, one could expect even better multiples during the upcoming market cycle. This upside potential is special in terms of the low risk since the Swiss company Smart Valor has been around since 2017 and stands as one of the few crypto projects that made it through two bear markets. 

$VALOR has seen considerable growth in the past week, surging to over $0.15. Source: CoinGecko

$VALOR has seen considerable growth in the past week, surging to over $0.15. Source: CoinGecko

Burrito Wallet and Smart Valor: A Major Step Forward For Crypto-AI

ELONN.AI, spearheaded by its creators Smart Valor and Griffin.AI, is in the process of seamlessly integrating its cutting-edge technology with Burrito Wallet. This ongoing collaboration aims to transform the wallet into a sophisticated investment hub, providing over 250,000 users with immediate access to ELONN.AI’s top-tier market insights and research capabilities. 

“Through our partnership with Burrito Wallet and Bithumb, we have taken an important step with ELONN.AI forward in its journey to becoming a leader in the AI-crypto space and solidified its position in the Asian market, which is in many ways the beating heart of the crypto industry,” stated Olga Feldmeier, the Co-Founder and Board Chairman of Smart Valor.

Perspectively, the integration of ELONN.AI’s technology is poised to democratize AI-based investment expertise for the 8 million users on Bithumb and Burrito Wallet. Users will gain immediate access to top-tier AI market news analysis and research reports generated by AI, all within the familiar environment of Burrito Wallet. 

The collaborative effort signifies a shared vision for the future of crypto investments and reinforces the interconnectedness of these leading entities in shaping the industry’s trajectory. 

The Significance of South Korea in Crypto Markets

South Korea is Asia’s largest crypto market, consistently contributing up to 30% of the global trading volume. Its vibrant and tech-savvy population has embraced cryptocurrency trading, creating an environment ripe for innovation and advancement in the crypto industry. The unique characteristics of the Korean market make it an ideal focal point for ELONN.AI and Smart Valor’s expansion efforts.

South Korea is renowned for its vibrant technological landscape and innovation hubs. By focusing on this market, ELONN.AI and Smart Valor position themselves at the heart of cutting-edge advancements and trends within the crypto and technology sectors. This proximity ensures swift adaptation to emerging technologies and a deeper understanding of the local market dynamics.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve By Joining The Smart Valor Community Today

The Burrito Wallet integration is expected to be the first of many major Smart Valor partnerships and announcements this year as the team aims to build on the momentum behind the Smart Valor exchange and the ELONN.AI application. 

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