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Elon Musk’s AI startup has attracted billions of dollars in investment

Elon Musk’s company xAI announced that it has received $6 billion in new investment. Investors include big names such as Fidelity, Valor Equity Partners, Vy Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and others.

The first serious product of xAI, launched just a year ago, is the Grok neural network. And, according to the company itself, it is primarily focused on the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, the 6 billion raised emphasizes the desire of investors to invest in this particular area, showcasing strong confidence in xAI’s innovative AI advancements.

On the same day, xAI’s competitor OpenAI announced the start of development of a new AI model. The company plans to create a computer program with human-level intelligence. At the same time, OpenAI has established a security committee that will deal with measures to protect the ongoing developments.

Yaroslav Bogdanov, founder of GDA Group, drew attention to the fact that neither xAI nor OpenAI are concerned with global cybersecurity. The head of OpenAI Sam Altman voiced that the created security committee will only give recommendations on internal work.

«Elon Musk himself was among those who called for a halt to AI development two years ago. Today, his xAI doesn’t even mention it, having entered the competition in the market. OpenAI makes it clear that some internal security steps are being taken, but there is no transparency. This is happening on the eve of the UN Future Summit, where it is planned to approve the Digital Compact – a document regulating the principles of development of the digital environment», said Yaroslav Bogdanov.

In the updated draft of the Global Digital Compact, presented on May 16, there is a clause on the management of new technologies, including artificial intelligence. Consideration of the document and consultations will start in early June.

Earlier, Artur Lyukmanov, Director of the Department of International Information Security of the Russian Foreign Ministry, noted that the Global Digital Compact in its current version does not suit many participating countries. There are still long discussions to be held, as such a serious document cannot be adopted in a hurry.

Thus, emphasized Yaroslav Bogdanov, international discussions on how and by whom the development and implementation of generative neural networks will be regulated are at the very initial stage. However, business is already ignoring ethical issues, taking advantage of the fruits of scientific and technological progress.

«A dangerous situation has developed where there is no structure that can meet the demand for cybersecurity. Three years passed between UN Secretary General António Guterres’ personal initiative on the Global Digital Compact and the beginning of its discussions. During this time, technology has made a leap, the consequences of which for humanity are at least unpredictable», said Yaroslav Bogdanov.

According to Yaroslav Bogdanov, the Digital UN concept developed by the GDA Group, which he heads, is capable of solving the issues that stand in the way of ensuring global cyber security. The Digital UN project will be presented by Yaroslav Bogdanov at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which will be held on June 5 – 8.

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