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“Elon Musk” Picassol NFTs $250 Million to Buy Massive Minted NFTs (Each Minted NFT Worth $6 Million and Anyone Can Mint In December)

Summary: Picassol NFT project is designed to give huge fortunes in multi-millions to both over 6000 VIPs and every minter in December who is lucky enough to mint. There is “The Private Auction” created by Picassol that “normal people” can easily make over $30 Million if they can mint. Many people are getting a “Free NFT” by being active on their Discord.

Who else is waiting? PicasSol Auction” This is a tweet that “Elon Musk” removed after 20 seconds of posting. Thousands witnessed and here are the answers of: What is Picassol Private NFT Auction?  Can I mint to invest too?

The simple answer is “Yes, anyone can mint in December 2021, but the expected sell-out time is less than 1 second. However, if you do get to the mint for $50… the average cost of each NFT that 6000+ VIPs are currently eagerly waiting to buy is about $5 Million USD and up to $90 Million USD.

Anyone who was lucky enough to mint can sell it at “The Private Auction of Picassol”, which all 19,000 NFTs will get sold out on the first auction as every 6000 VIPs want to buy as many as possible even when each already minted NFT” cost minimum 5 digits and maximum 9 digits in USD.

The tweet happened sometime between September to October, it explains the “real reason Solana was rising in price”. All 6000+ VIPs were stacking up their Solana to buy as many as they can at “The Private Auction of Picassol”.

“Picassol” started the project in January 2021 and they prepared for a year until the mint launch in December 2021.

Because of Elon’s Tweet, many celebrities have now been exposed that they are most likely to be part of the 6000+ VIPs that are buying the “already minted NFTs only”.

Some of these celebrities mistakenly who exposed their identity include: “Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Paris Hilton”.

Elon Musk “alone” prepared $250 million Solana to purchase many NFTs at “Picassol’s Private Auction” since Picassol’s Private Auction was approaching. This explains the massive increment of SOL.

Many NFT investors have sensed that there might be a huge opportunity from this NFT that prepared for a year to launch the mint date. While Elon Musk and 6000+ VIPs will be making money, anybody who “mint” will all also make money, turning into a wealthy crypto-struck multi-millionaire.

Without saying too much, “Picassol” is an NFT Project on the Solana blockchain network that started January 2021 and has been “Strictly Confidentialuntil lately “Elon Musk” tweeted.

“6000+ VIP Buyers” include crypto-millionaires with net worths in billions of dollars world-famous billionaires, CEOs, and, of course, our celebrities.

However, Picassol NFT Project was “intended to be completely confidential and can only be joined through referrals.” The planning has been strictly away from the public.

Still, confused about what picassol NFT is? What is this “Private Auction” and can I actually make several million if I can just mint? The answer is “Yes” and more information about the Picassol NFT can be found in very detail on their Discord”.

It will be very difficult to understand the system, but in short, version, for the Picassol NFT private Auction to be successful, three separate parties must help and collaborate; They are:

  1. NFT Minters.
  2. 6000+ VIP Buyers.
  3. Picassol Team.

The Picassol NFT Auction has been designed to ensure that “all three parties earn the extreme amount of money in Solana (SOL)”.

The minters are the luckiest because they get the easiest job and make the most money compared to how much they invest. Basically, $50 will turn into an “average of $5 Million US dollars” to lucky minters or free NFT winners.

It will be extremely difficult to get an NFT. The expected “Sell Out Time” is about 0.5 seconds.

However, right now is the earliest of the earliest. They are giving away many free NFTs for just inviting your Discord or Twitter friends.

Also, they are giving their free NFTs randomly to many online Discord users every day at a random times. Following their Twitter will help your odds of getting free NFT also!

As long as a user isOnline” on their Discord, they will “randomly” receive a free NFT. This crazy event is happening until the mint date. What does users have to lose for just joining their Discord? One day, you might just wake up with a free NFT, and maybe that NFT will sell for the maximum price of $90 Million for a single NFT.

Welcome to the world of NFT where anyone can become a multi-millionaire just overnight.

Picassol’s official website: and their official Discord:

Make sure to follow their Twitter to increase the chance to win a free NFT:

Company: Picassol LTD, Picassol Contact:

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