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ElmonX x VeVe – Nick Walker’s Handle with Care Series Sold Out, Physical Prints to Celebrate the Drop Now Live on ElmonX Store

LONDON, 27th June 2024 – ElmonX is thrilled to announce the instant sell-out of Nick Walker’s “Handle with Care” series on VeVe. This exclusive series, featuring Nick Walker’s signature characters and symbols, explores the dual themes of destruction and continuity within urban environments. Each piece in the series serves as a visual commentary on the disruptive potential inherent in both creation and devastation, highlighting Walker’s unique ability to intertwine life’s dichotomies through his evolving artistic expression.

The “Handle with Care” series was released in a blind box format, allowing collectors to discover which of the four distinct digital collectibles they had acquired only after purchase. The collectibles include:

Grenade Red (Ultra Rare): 395 editions

Grenade Green (Ultra Rare): 395 editions

Grenade Orange (Secret Rare): 188 editions

Grenade Blue (Phygital Secret Rare): 25 editions, each paired with a signed physical print

The overwhelming demand underscores Walker’s status as a pivotal force in contemporary street art, continuing to challenge and inspire through his innovative work.

To celebrate this remarkable achievement, ElmonX is offering limited edition physical prints of the “Handle with Care” series on their store. These prints capture the essence of Walker’s art, blending his signature motifs with high-quality craftsmanship.

Print Details:

Nick Walker’s Handle with Care series showcases the dichotomy of destruction and life, skillfully crafted with VeVe’s signature colors to deepen thematic resonance and visual impact.

To celebrate the VeVe release, ElmonX presents this special physical print exclusively signed and numbered by Nick Walker.

Size: 48cm length 38cm width (including the white boarder)

Limited print run, open for 1 week only, closes Wed 3rd July at 11AM PT.

This print will be shipped in July 2024.

About ElmonX

ElmonX specializes in the creation of licensed NFT (non-fungible token) art. Their team of skilled artists and designers creates pieces that are not only visually stunning but also technologically advanced. By utilizing blockchain technology, ElmonX offers next-generation collectibles and artifacts that are aesthetically pleasing and verified through a unique and transparent way for art collectors to collect and showcase. 

About Nick Walker

Nick Walker, born in 1969, is a renowned street artist who emerged from Bristol’s groundbreaking graffiti scene in the early 1980s. He is considered a pioneer of British graffiti, and his work has served as a blueprint for countless emerging artists worldwide. Nick’s art continually evolves, staying innovative and thought-provoking, reflecting the dynamic nature of street art itself. His distinct style combines stencil art, graffiti, and fine art, captivating viewers with intricate narratives that explore urban life and culture. Nick’s iconic characters and symbols have become synonymous with his name, contributing to his enduring legacy in the world of street art.

For More Information:

Visit ElmonX Store to view and purchase the limited-edition physical prints.

© ElmonX & Nick Walker 2024

For further inquiries, please contact:

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