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Ella’s Bubbles Brings a Much-Needed Innovation to The Bath and Shower Industry

Bath and Shower Industry

The world has always been a home for a variety of individuals with different needs. The famous saying “all people are created equal” explains that everyone is capable of accomplishing anything with the correct work ethic and determination. Regardless of how renounced, this quote might be, the saying still falls short in the sense of physical capabilities. Many people are blessed with a well-functioning mind and body and are capable of performing most physical tasks with ease. At the same time, there are many people that are not so fortunate and experience physical limitations. Science and technology are progressing at a fast pace and have instilled convenience into many aspects of society, but some are still left out. It is a universal responsibility to make sure the power of technology and innovation is used to provide convenience to everyone equally, regardless of their physical or mental limitations. One company establishing trends in providing convenience in all accessible bathing activities is Ella’s Bubbles. 

The History behind Bathtubs

The history of bathtubs is as vast and archaeological as the years can count. The first resembling bathtub contraption was not invented but unearthed on the Island of Crete. It measured about five feet long and was made of hard pottery. This unique style resembled the much later invented clawfoot tub of the 19th Century.

The earliest known history of bathtub usage dates all the way back to the Romans. Throughout the years of 500 BC to AD 455, the Roman Empire was world-renowned for its bathing and hygienic supremacy. Romans boasted their hygienic practices and set the use of baths as a status symbol for all royals. During this time, bathtubs did not appear similar to those seen today. They more closely resembled large public baths usually seen in territories of Japan. These baths would encompass the area of an entire full-sized room or even larger, as seen in many pictorial depictions. 

The next in line to contribute to the evolution of the bath was the hygiene-adoring Japanese. The Japanese culture places great importance on cleanliness and the use of baths to achieve this hygiene status. From showers to public baths, the Japanese have made remarkable innovations in these products and set an example in the global industry. 

The first modern-day bathtub came into existence at the hands of an American inventor, John Michael Kohler. His company first focused on products made from steel or iron, and the initial beta version was crafted with four decorative feet added to the bottom of a cast-iron trough, which was then covered in an enamel finish. This version was what later transformed into the world’s first clawfoot tub, a style that can still be found in many antique homes today.

The Much-Needed Innovation

Ella’s Bubbles is a Chicago-based manufacturer of Walk-In Tubs and other intuitive accessibility-related products. The company was launched in 2005 in the United States by its founder, Laimonis Magone. He geared this company from the start to envision new possibilities and introduce a renowned bathing experience. Laimonis Magone firmly believed in the social responsibility of successful businesses. His efforts and beliefs were deeply influenced by the words of Ford’s officials. Similar to how handicap ramps and reading in braille were invented to help the disabled, Ella’s Bubbles follows a similar provision of assistance to those with physical or mental limitations. This was the intention behind the launch of their most renounced product, the Ella Transfer Walk-In Tub. This model was created to provide convenience to those who are limited by wheelchairs. The most prominent feature of this model is its L-shaped outward swing door. The shape and architecture of this model allow for an easy slide-in transition from a wheelchair to a comfortably shaped acrylic seat. Ella’s Bubbles efforts to assist the mobility-challenged community were quickly recognized by others, and Ella continued their expansion into a more general market.

This newly found desire became the first step of evolution for Ella’s Bubbles, as their other Walk-In Tub models began receiving similar attention from a wide variety of clientele. Many customers began to admire Ella’s vast product portfolio and desired to add these unique bathtubs to their bathrooms for improved accessibility and relaxation. Their product portfolio is now extended to 25+ unique Walk-In Tub styles, including two-seat walk-in tubs, inward and outward swing door walk-in tubs, stainless steel door walk-in tubs, and the customer favorite: Ella Shak – the largest walk-in tub in the world.

Ella’s Bubbles has received exponential attention by focusing on providing those with challenging lifestyles a method to relieve their pain and find peace while bathing. Its mission is to provide the best quality to customers and accommodate all needs of its diversified customer base.

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