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Elevated Home Cooking during COVID19 Pandemic Spawns New Opportunities in Small Domestic Appliances Market

It is said that “Home is where the heart is”. The rising inclination of the modern day residents towards home making has propelled the need for multiple small and large appliances. Such appliances may serve either one of two main purposes, i.e., beautify homes or ease daily chores. The rising rate of urbanization and modernization and the rising inclination towards living a lavish and easy lifestyle are considered the key factors augmenting the growth of the global small domestic appliances market. A small domestic appliance is a compact item that may be portable partly and are utilized to finish day by day home tasks. Small appliances are usually lightweight, and can be set on ledges, tabletops, or different stages.

The rising disposable incomes of people and the increasing preference for easy living conditions in a residential set up are projected to boost the growth of the global market for small domestic appliances. Besides this, the advent of technologically advanced equipment that eases a tedious job and manages to make efficient use of time will also promote the growth of this market. Small domestic appliances are also used in hotels, cafes, and restaurants, thereby maintaining a significant share in the commercial sector apart from its rival, the residential sector. The rise in adoption and success rate of online and offline channels for the sale and purchase of small home devices will aid in expansion of this market.

Time efficiency and Ease of Work – Key Objectives of Small Domestic Appliances that Attracts Revenues

Manufacturers of small home appliances are investing majorly on the production of innovative products that will offer multiple tasks in less time span. Such multifunctional properties of appliances will increase its popularity, thereby attracting high revenues to the overall market in the coming years. Under the subcategory of kitchen appliances of this market, products such as mini food processors, deep fat fryers, egg boilers, electric slicers, cotton candy makers, electric can openers, pasta machines, roti makers, soup kettles, tandoors & grills, rice cooker, juicers, and others are some of the most popular small domestic appliances available in the market today. On the other hand, other segment such as air purifiers, water purifiers, irons, vacuum cleaners, etc., fall under the various other categories such as garment care appliances, floor cleaning appliances, and others. Among all these, kitchen appliances generate the highest revenue on account of the fact that they are used more often and offer efficient work in less time.

Covid19 Pandemic Times Propelled New Entrepreneurs and Small Business to Evolve

The whole world is currently facing the tragic effects of the novel coronavirus that evolved and started spreading since the 2019’s. Governments worldwide imposed stringent regulations on all outdoor activities and people were confined in the vicinity of their homes. The compulsion to stay home and make the most of it propelled people worldwide to come up with innovative ideas to spend time and home. The increasing popularity of digital media further helped people to engage in more homely activities while sharing their lifestyle with the whole world. Numerous home-made products businesses evolved and many new entrepreneurs came into being. Small businesses such as home-bakery, cup-cake, candle-making, and others ultimately increased the sale of small home appliances, thereby creating new growth opportunities for this market.

Regionally, the region with the highest sale for small domestic appliances is Asia Pacific. This is accountable to the rising adoption of such devices by the middle class population for their entrepreneurial purposes, coupled with the presence of high population in countries such as China, and India. Besides this, the presence of large production and marketing base in nations such as China, India, and Japan are also aiding in expansion of the market in this region. Furthermore, the rising disposable incomes of people and the adoption of a comfortable and time-saving life will further create lucrative growth opportunities for this region in the coming years. On the other hand, the market in North America and Europe will also manage to generate notable revenues in the coming years on account of the increasing adoption of technologically advanced products, and rising power of expenditure of the working class population.

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