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As a healthcare professional, you have to juggle numerous tasks daily to deliver the best patient care possible. This way you can identify stumbling blocks and manage your practice workflows accordingly. But with a multitude of EHR products available to clients, how exactly do you choose the best health recording solution for your unique practice requirements? An excellent option for you to consider is Amazing Charts EMR. Here we will explore the top features and reasons that make healthcare providers fall in love with this software solution.  

This also means you have to deal with the various hidden aspects of running a successful medical facility. Access to the right medical software solution can streamline daily tasks and enable organisations to have ongoing visibility into efficiency. 

Amazing Charts pricing & reviews 

The Amazing Charts pricing plan starts at $199 per month. Because the software centres around usability, it enables providers to see more patients in a day. Amazing Charts reviews confirm that the software takes the stress out of your practice workflows and connects you to your clinical and administrative staff. Physicians can easily document visits as well as easily pull charts during a patient encounter. In addition to this, users appreciate the software’s ability to simplify scheduling with the help of a drag and drop system. The software also includes a library of pre-designed templates that you can modify to create customised forms or add patient information. It is also appreciated for excellently meeting the Meaningful Use standards.  

Amazing Charts EMR software – an overview 

Amazing Charts EMR software offers a comprehensive health recording solution to help providers access patient information, manage office flow, and communicate securely with patients. This software features robust charting, e-prescribing, messaging, billing, and more management implementations. It also offers practise management and population health solutions that integrate seamlessly with the EHR system. Healthcare providers using this software can access their data remotely via any device connected to the internet.  

Since its founding in 2001, Amazing Chart has been offering an affordable solution for healthcare facilities. The platform consistently ranks as a top EHR provider for ease of use. It is suitable for solo physician clinics and small practices and offers on-premise or cloud deployment options. This software solution comes with a number of useful features that help practices elevate efficiency and increase revenue.  

5 EMR Amazing Charts features physicians love 

Amazing Charts reviews suggest that the software includes robust features that effortlessly streamline the administrative, clinical, and financial tasks of a practice. It is a one-stop-shop solution that helps users manage everything from patient scheduling to billing. Here’s a list of features that have received perfect-starred reviews from its users.  

  • Secure e-prescribing 

Amazing Charts EMR software allows you to send prescriptions off to pharmacies electronically. Its ‘quick script writer’ tool displays options for take, route, frequency, number, and duration. This feature is powered by New Crop, which is certified by SureScript. The software efficiently combines patient drug history, formulary information, electronic transmission to the US pharmacies, and interaction checking. Alongside this, it allows you to check for drug-to-drug, and drug-to-allergy interactions.  

  • Flexible deployment 

EMR Amazing Charts allows its users to choose between on-premise or cloud-based deployment options. If you opt for their cloud deployment plan, the vendor will cover the maintenance and troubleshooting for you. They will also provide pre-configured dashboards, 24/7 access, remote scanning, and device-diagnostic access – all without requiring you to use a VPN.  

  • Modern compliance standards 

Amazing Charts software helps you qualify for the government-based incentive programs for Meaningful Use of Electronic health recording software products. It is designed to efficiently meet the contemporary compliance standards.  

  • Robust patient portal 

The patient portal feature is another highly appreciated aspect attributed to Amazing Charts. It helps you increase the level of communication you have with your patients in and out of the office. You can take advantage of multiple features, including visit summaries, electronic messaging, lab results, educational content, and more.  

  • Comprehensive documentation 

The software enables healthcare experts to enter and trend patients’ vital signs. It also allows you to generate visual graphs to support comprehensive documentation. You can use illustrations and pictures to explain a specific condition. On top of this, Amazing Charts allows you to search the entire database by diagnosis.  

Overview of benefits 

Based on top user reviews, we have noted the following benefits for this EMR product: 

  • The software’s patient portal feature has received multiple positive mentions from users for giving patients more autonomy over their medical records and healthcare needs.  
  • It is designed to help clinicians ensure the fastest charting possible with just a few clicks.  
  • Amazing Charts EHR reviews suggest that the EHR software streamlines your daily workflows and easily connects you with your practice staff.  
  • This EMR platform enables you to ingest patient information from outside agencies. You can also contribute to a portable, compliant patient health record. Healthcare providers can utilize its various efficiency features to automate their daily workflows.  
  • This top-rated EMR solution facilitates you in meeting the needs of your clientele. You can also have a clearer picture of their procedures for billing purposes.  
  • You can efficiently improve health outcomes for your patients by streamlining your scheduling, billing, and charting processes. The software also allows you to schedule follow-ups, critical procedures, and check-ups.  
  • Physicians and staff members can communicate securely using the software’s messaging system. It allows patients to request prescription refills and review messages.  


Amazing Charts EMR is an all-inclusive solution that comes with a robust suite of features. With years of experience in the industry, the health IT company has introduced an ideal platform to improve the administrative, clinical, and financial performance of the healthcare practice that utilizes it. The software is neck-to-neck with top-notch features and helps practices elevate their overall efficiency. To learn more about this software, visit FindEMR and get in touch with our team of experts.  

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