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Elevate Your Freelance Career: Harnessing the Power of Digital Business Cards

Freelancing is getting quite popular these days, and it has certain reasons. The freelancing and online earning thing has been a second source of income for students, homemakers, people employed in casual, part-time jobs, and so on. But only lately, after the pandemic hit hard when most of the erstwhile full-time office jobs turned into work-from-home types, online work has become inevitable. It got a positive bump as there has been a huge number of salary cuts followed by the termination of jobs for a surprisingly huge number of employees.

Now, freelancing might look like all freedom and fending for yourself, but it comes with many troubles. In a job, you just keep doing your assigned work and get paid. In freelancing, you’re both the employer and the employee, and you have to play switching roles as a marketing expert, public relations professional, financial manager, content creator, editor, and everything that comes in between. It’s a one-man show. So, the sole item that holds this show together- essentially just you and your skills – must be good enough to cover it all.

 Freelancing is tough. It takes years to get some stable ground under your feet working as a freelancer. This is particularly why so many young people, especially college students, start doing part-time jobs as freelancers. Still, soon, they opt to leave with some excuses like it’s jeopardizing their career, personal time, etc. 

 As a freelancer, you don’t want to keep doing that same monotonous job that falls into a vicious cycle of cold mailing, pitching, getting stereotypical work, and getting paid far less than you deserve. But money will not just come flying into your lap, right? Hard work is not the right path because there’s a subtle difference between grinding with mundane gigs and taking better paths with unique strategies that keep you one step ahead. We thought you needed some of that stuff.

And here, that’s why we won’t discuss how to do your job better because you do it fairly well already; rather, we should talk more about how you get your worth and find yourself in a better place. So, are you ready to keep reading?

Step up your freelance game: weave networks with digital business cards. 

The essential part of any independent profession like freelancing is getting known widely, right? It’s all about how much and how many good clients you’re getting. And a dose of positive feedback would be the icing on the top. As a new guy in the block, starting fresh with lots of energy, we don’t want you to get fed up with putting up with a bad work culture. To reach your destination, the best path must be smart, fast, and efficient like – Business Networking.

Digital business cards: What? Why? How?

Digitally created premium business cards are a smart solution for letting others know about your work. It’s an introduction that can be implemented fast and effectively. Digital cards like smart business cards, NFC cards, smart tags, etc., can be scanned using readers, and all the information stored in the microchip of that card gets transferred to the recipient at a glance. Certain marked advantages that have established these digital cards in a far superior position to their paper counterparts are –

  1. Information can be edited easily using a mobile app. No waiting for the next batch of printing.
  2. Digital business cards can store much more information than names and contacts. It tells your acquaintances about the services you provide, your experience, appointment hours, qualifications, and affiliations in detail. You can even add links to book appointments instantly.
  3. You can take your digital card anywhere, and everywhere you go. Avail contactless sharing at your ease.
  4. It’s less expensive and just a digital file that has to be generated only once and can be shared up to infinite times.

Networking is the art of building a network; here, you will do that for your freelance portfolio. It is a whole network of trusted sources that reinforce your client inflow.

The motto is spreading the word. New business ventures announce sales, promotional tours, and gifts for customers when they open in your area. That is business networking. These added benefits draw attention to people who always seek added value for their money. And every new customer comes back the next day with a few more. It works like a pyramid. This certainly helps you thrive in bad times as well because you know you have a backup of fixed clients who will always support you.

Now, business networking can be done in various strategies. One of the smartest ones is using personalized items like digital business cards.

So that’s it. You realized what you were missing, right? Now, get some digital business cards for yourself and do it correctly!

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