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Elevate Your Dining Experience With The Perfect Dinnerware Sets

Dining isn’t just about filling your stomach; it’s a wonderful combination of all sensory experiences that should make your soul as happy as your body. The aroma of delicious dishes, the lively conversations with your loved ones, and the visual appeal of your table all come together to create a lasting memory. That is why the right dinnerware set is key to transforming a simple meal into a special occasion. This blog explores how aesthetically chosen dinnerware sets can enhance the look and feel of your dining experience. We will also guide you on the factors to consider while choosing dinnerware from stores or websites like Wakefit. 

Choosing The Right Dinnerware

Culinary science says that the presentation of food impacts how we perceive its taste to a large extent. Imagine the same food you eat regularly, but plated perfectly on beautiful plates that complement the ambience. It feels more aesthetically pleasing, delicious and inviting. This is why dinnerware plays an important role in your overall dining experience. However, it is equally important to choose the right dinnerware that strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Here are a few points you should consider while buying dinnerware: 


The material decides the look, quality and durability of the dinnerware. For a fine dining experience, you may choose Porcelain or Bone China, which are light and translucent but give a luxurious look. Glassware is also a suitable and more affordable option for formal or casual dining, but it can break or chip easily. For outdoor picnics, especially with young children, melamine can be chosen as a durable and lightweight option. Stoneware sets are also available, which have a more rustic, earthy look but are heavier compared to other options. 


Dinnerware can decide the style and ambience of your dining space. For formal occasions, classic, neutral colours of chinaware will be ideal. While minimalist and uncluttered designs are suitable for daily use, glassware or high quality plastics give a sleek, modern and contemporary feel.

Size And Number Of Pieces

Along with aesthetics, it is important to consider functionality, dining needs and frequency of use. Each course requires a different size, such as dinner plates for the main course and quarter plates for side dishes or desserts. Some sets may also contain elaborate pieces, like serving platters and bowls. 


For compact spaces, always opt for minimal stackable dinnerware like glassware to save space. Complicated shapes and designs might need more storage space and care while being handled.


Look for pieces that can be flexibly mixed and matched to create a personalised tablescape.

Beyond The Basic Tableware

Beyond the basic dinner plate set, bowls and cups, small tableware accessories can further enhance the dining experience and reflect your personal style. Consider mixing and matching the following elements to take your tablescape to the next level:

  • Napkin Rings: Beyond keeping napkins organised, napkin rings add a touch of elegance and personality to your place settings. A variety of materials, like metal, ceramic, or even fabric, are available that can complement your dinnerware and overall theme. You may also consider using napkin rings adorned with seashells, and golden ornate or festive miniatures to suit the occasion of the gathering.
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers: Though a small detail, salt and pepper shakers can add a touch of fun and functionality to your table. You can try out unique shapes and materials that complement your dinnerware. For a rustic setting, consider ceramic shakers shaped like miniature vegetables. For a modern table, sleek and minimalist stainless-steel shakers might be the perfect choice.
  • Place card holders: If you are hosting a large formal dinner, elegant place cards can be handy to guide the guests to their places. They also add a personalised touch to the table setting, mirroring your style and aesthetics. For sophisticated parties, heavy crystal holders elevate the elegance. On the other hand, for a more playful touch, you may use miniature easels displaying various motifs, while metal or wooden card holders give a rustic look.
  • Fresh flowers or small potted plants: Fresh flowers or greenery can breathe life into a table setting. Depending on the size of your table, you may choose a simple vase of seasonal blooms that add a touch of elegance and fragrance to your table or small potted succulents or herbs as a conversation starter. These centrepieces can also be used as place card holders, especially for garden-themed or outdoor dinner parties.
  • Serving platters: Whether for intimate family gatherings or formal high-teas, serving platters are an essential piece of dinnerware to aesthetically plate snacks and appetizers. However, beyond their functionality, these platters can potentially be the focal point on your table as well. While a marble or glass platter is apt for a formal dining set-up, melamine platters are more convenient for kid’s parties. You may even curate a charcuterie board to enhance the appearance of the dining table.

Investing in the perfect dinnerware set is a small step with a big impact on your dining experience. Beyond a good presentation, they have the power to elevate the taste of your meals while creating lasting impressions about your personal style and aesthetics with your guests. Whether you buy your dinnerware online or from local stores, remember to choose the one that matches your budget without compromising on quality. For convenience, try to choose a set that is microwave and dishwash safe as well as coordinates with your existing pieces. With these tips and a little exploration, you can transform mealtimes into delightful occasions. Happy Dining!


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