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Elevate Marketing Solutions Helps Chiropractors Scale Their Businesses With Digital Marketing

The increasingly online nature of our society has made digital marketing an increasingly important part of marketing strategies for businesses across all sectors. Elevate Marketing Solutions strives to help chiropractors with the digital marketing tools and guidance necessary to successfully scale their businesses.


Elevate Marketing Solutions’s founder, Gill Valerio, and his wife Erin started in the health and wellness industry in 2015 when they opened their own franchise fitness centers. Gill and Erin shared a passion for health and wellness, and this venture allowed them to turn that passion into a business, empowering them to help others in their health and wellness journeys. But when they faced financial difficulties with their third location, the Valerios decided to fully commit to digital marketing.


After attempting to work with several digital marketing agencies that just weren’t the right fit for business, the Valerios decided to take on digital marketing duties themselves, successfully implementing a system and significantly scaling their business. It wasn’t long until a friend struggling to market his chiropractic office came to the Valerios asking for digital marketing assistance, and Elevate Marketing Solutions was born.


Why chiropractors need to use digital marketing

Historically, most businesses in the chiropractic industry relied on traditional methods of marketing, such as direct mail advertising via snail mail or screening events out in the community. However, in this day and age, those methods are impractical. Not only do they take a lot of time and energy — distracting from the real duties of the practitioner of helping patients — but they also tend to yield very few results.


“These days, chiropractors have only two ways to generate new patient leads: digital marketing and word-of-mouth referrals,” says Gill.


Word-of-mouth referrals can be a powerful tool in the arsenal of any business owner, though it is hindered by its extremely restrictive range. The reach of word-of-mouth referrals is limited to acquaintances and family members of existing patients. As such, word-of-mouth can be a great way to find long-lasting, dedicated leads, but is generally an extremely slow approach to growth.


Conversely, digital marketing can provide rapid exposure for a practice. Once a patient is in the door, excellent service can ensure they keep coming back. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google are some of the biggest digital channels in the world, and have audiences whose size is growing every day. “Chiropractors absolutely need to do digital marketing,” Gill asserts. “If they don’t, their competitors will, and patients will be walking into their competitors’ doors.”


The challenges of digital marketing for chiropractors

One of Elevate Marketing Solutions’s specialties is working with the marketing teams of franchises and large partnerships. “Marketing for a franchise is different from marketing an independent practice because it’s important to consider both the overall messaging of the brand and the unique needs of the individual office,” says Gill. “However, this also comes with the added benefit of a wide range of data from other franchise offices that may provide beneficial insight into the situation.”


A marketing strategy must also consider the role of the community in which the office is located. “Marketing for a chiropractic office in a major city has different limitations than marketing for a practice in a suburban or rural area,” says Gill. “In a major city, you have a two- to three-mile radius from which you can realistically source new patients. If you start marketing into a larger radius, you will likely be wasting your budget. In contrast, suburban or rural offices can target a wider audience in a geographic sense.”


Understanding these factors that dictate a successful marketing strategy is why chiropractic offices should partner with a credible digital marketing provider that understands the unique needs of their business. “Not every chiropractic office is the same,” Gill explains. “As a marketing partner, our goal is to better understand our clients’ business, then collaborate and work closely with them to implement the marketing strategy. The better we understand your business, the better we can reflect it in our marketing.”


The team at Elevate Marketing Solutions is so confident in their tried-and-true strategies that they back their services with a return-on-investment guarantee. “We measure our success by our ability to fill our clients’ calendars with qualified patients who need chiropractic care and pay premium rates,” says Gill. “At the end of the day, our goal is for our clients to zoom out on the numbers and see their monthly revenue growing as a result of our efforts.”

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