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Electrostatic Chucks (ESC) Market to ride on Electrified Application Areas

Electrostatic chucks (ESCs) have a wide range of applications inclusive of conductor etch and dielectric etch. As such, expansion of securing, correcting, and carrying components like glass plates and wafers is likely to expand the scope for application, thereby complementing the growth over the years to come. Persistence Market Research has noted down these facts with preventive/corrective measures to be taken in its latest market study entitled “Electrostatic Chucks (ESC) Market”.

Electrostatic Chucks (ESC) market Dynamics

The global electrostatic chucks (ESC) market, by product size, spans 4-6 inches, 6-8 inches, and 8-12 inches. By type of product, it’s Johnsen Rahbek (JR) ESCs and Coulombic ESCs. By end-use, it’s dielectric etch and conductor etch. Persistence Market Research has walked through the intricacies of electrostatic chucks (ESC) market with subsequent course of action in its latest market study entitled “Electrostatic Chucks (ESC) market”.


Region-wise Sling

North America holds a significant share in the electrostatic chucks (ESC) market. This could be credited to the US being one of the promising markets herein. It gives low-cost ESCs. Coming to the Asia-Pacific, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea rule the roost. Japan is fourth-seeded worldwide with respect to production of semiconductors. Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd. based out of Japan is one of the leading producers of ceramic trucks.

It has recently increased the production capacity to cater to the demand for electrostatic chucks. Taiwan holds the distinction of accounting for more than 50% of the semiconductor vertical. China, as per announcement by its Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation in December 2020, started producing 12 inch silicon wafers. South Korea is thriving on flourishing automotive and consumer electronics verticals therein. Persistence Market Research has mentioned these facts with future perspectives in its latest market study entitled “Electrostatic Chucks (ESC) market”.

Competitive Chucks

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key players in electrostatic chucks (ESC) market as Entegris, Inc., Shinko Electric Industries Co. Ltd., KYOCERAA Corporation, NGK Insulators Ltd., Toto Ltd., NTK CERATEC Co., Ltd., Tsukunbaseiko Co. Ltd., The SEMCO Group, Technetics Group, FM Industries, Inc., Krosaki Harima Corporation, MiCo Co., Ltd., LK Engineering Co., Ltd., Boboo Hightech Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd., and Tomoegawa Co., Ltd. These players are engaging in organic as well as inorganic modes of expansion to sustain themselves amidst fierce competition. They include new product launch, mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and likewise.


What’s with the Future?

The global electrostatic chucks (ESC) market is bound to witness an innovative slice in the next 10 years – Persistence Market Research

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